Mac vs n-Track

Any body else not able to use n-Track?

I was overjoyed when Flavio first ported n-Track to the Mac, and I was able to play around with it (which I payed the license for) up until it went out of Beta. Since then, I have been unable to do anything with the program, since it is continually “quiting unexpectedly.”

I know I sent in a bug report, and was asked for the error codes, which I sent in. I have never received any information or fixes, but I was hopeful that the new release might fix things.

Sadly, the trial version of v7 gives me the same results, so I am forced to conclude that my hopes of using n-Track are shattered.

I’m sorry to have to make this concession, but I won’t pay for an upgrade until I can be sure the program will run on my Snow Leopard version of OS X is compatible with n-Track.

I was only able to find a bug report sent from you on October 2011.
Unfortunately I wasn’t then able to reproduce any similar problem with the Mac version.
Could you please send a new bug report to with as much info as possible, including the steps that you perform to make the problem appear.
Try restarting from the default configuration, by deleting the “/Users/[Your username]/Library/Application Support/n-Track Studio 7” folder.


Thanks for that hint, Flavio. I was able to find and delete the folder and reinstall. A quick check shows that it seems to be working.

I’ll try to play a bit more with it in the next couple of days and see if seems to work.


I’ve bought the upgrade, as n-Track seems to be working properly now.

I have no idea what was causing the earlier problem, but I’ll keep my eyes open as I start using the program more.