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Does anyone know if I ntrack is capable of running on a MAC (guess it would have to use some emulation software)?

The problem I have at the moment is I’m moving away and the guy I write with is a MAC nut (yeah yeah they look great but you can’t get zip for them without paying x4 over the odds) and it would be so much easier if we were both writing with the same package.


Quote (PurpleMusic @ Dec. 01 2005,09:51)
Does anyone know if I ntrack is capable of running on a MAC (guess it would have to use some emulation software)?

short answer… no. (meaning I haven’t tried it, but I’d bet there would be insurmountable issues.)

As is, I really doubt it. dll’s, exe’s, …not MAC stuff. But, who knows, like you mentioned…“emulation software”…

After giving it more thought…
you are just dealing with wav’s and mid’s as far as collaborating. so maybe it is a sequencing software issue more than an OS or platform issue…for example, sharing PT project with Ntrack. ???
I’m sure others know more 'bout it than me…

good luck


No, no dice on Mac. There were reposts once upon a time of getting N-track to work in WINE, but those were sketchy at best. Now with .NET in the mix, I doubt it will work on WINE. So for mere mortals, n-track is PC only.

Emulation with audio and video apps is a no-no…

Too much data flowing back and forth and the emulators just get in the way… it’s like having a room full of language translators babbling at the same time.

Get a copy of CubaseSE ($99). It comes with BOTH Mac and PC versions on the same disc.

Technically WINE isn’t emulation (at least according to their FAQ even though WINE stands for Windows Emulation. :;): ) But yeah, if it did happen to work, I bet it would be a mess.

Get a copy of GarageBand (or GB2, if you want to record up to 8 tracks at once – GB’s limit is recording at most one stereo track at a time).

GB came free on a lot of Macs, and comes bundled in iLife ($50, IIRC). I don’t know the cost for GB2.

It’s not n-Track, but it probably is the easiest DAW for a beginner. However, some things are confusing (because they tried too hard to make it easy) and editing is not nearly as straightforward as it is with n-Track. It’s simpler in that it has one more or less hidden aux bus for aux FX, and no groups.

However, it does support MIDI (input only – can’t feed MIDI to external synth), and has a nice set of softsynths built in. It supports AU plugin effects and instruments (similar to DX/DXi and VST/VSTi on PC). Best of all (or worst, depending on your opinion), it supports loops, unlike n-Track.

For a temporary solution I think it would be hard to beat in terms of features versus cost.

Chaps, thanks very much for the posts, much appreciated.