machine gun noise

Creative Live

I am using version 3.0.5 under windows 2000 with a Creative Live card. Recording is perfect and produces a wav file and also an mp3 when I need it but playing back the recording I have made within N-Track produces a machine gun type noise and eventually the computer crashes.

Any ideas please?



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First thing I would suggest is downloading the latest version of NTrack.
The last of the version 3’s is 3.3 build 1516
You may find that is all you need to cure your problem, if not, we’re always here to help.


Old downloads link

Thanks for all your help. Problem solved with an updated download.



Great stuff!

Glad we could help



produces a machine gun type noise

It’s not because you’ve recorded the Hendrix/Band of Gypsys song is it?

(Sorry coudln’t help myself)