machu picchu

new song

well, i think it’s the best song i have mixed with ntrack, with the help of soundforge+gearbox…

Machu Picchu

i hope you like it

Hey pretty good tune, good grunge guitar sound, good vocal mix, hard rockin sound, OK :agree:

Don’t ya like Soundclick? the streaming makes the tunes a little more convenient…

nice, the guitar sounds great,vocals are a little quiet (may just be my speakers tho) but i like your tone, (i can hear some higher vocals coming in with yours at 02.52) good grungy tune :agree:
Ange x

thanks, i’m quite satisfied with the results.

Yes, i think a must rise a little the vocals (0,5-1 db) (it sounded good in the PC speakers and a portable cd speakers, but in my HiFi it sounds a little lower)…

and referring soundclick i want to complete 2-3 songs more to create a profile.

That is great, wyndorf.
The vocals and guitars sound fabulous on my computer speakers.
Gonna check them out on the biggies. Tell us about the recording, mics, that sort of thing.
By all means stick that up on soundclick.

the equipment:
Mic: t.bone SC400
audiocard/guitar&vocal processor: line6 toneport UX2
recording&mixing software: N-track 5
Drums&bass samples processing: Fruity Loops 7
additional audio processing: Soundforge 9

I think the key is the “line6 toneport UX2”, it’s really an amazing tool to record guitars/bass&vocals. I recommend it and it’s a perfect partner to Ntrack.

dang, I’ve never liked modelers, but that sounds great. T-Bone sounds good too. I think I’ve said that before, of one of your other recordings. :agree: