Mail or download

Not on line at home

Hello All -

I’m about to purchase N-tracks. I have internet at work but not at home where I want to use the software.

My question is, would I be able to download and register at work, burn it to a disk and take it home to use, or whether I should just have it sent to me by mail (and suffer the painful waiting process).

Thanks a bunch.


Just make shure you write down the codes Flavio sends you.
Your not bying the program, your paying for the licence to make it fully functional.
You can always install it on any computer of the burned version, but keep the registration info in a secure place. If you loose it, it could take a week or so for Flavio to read your e-mail and send them to you again.
I’ve had this program for 5 years now, and have installed it on countless computers off the same burned disk I made in 99.

Good luck and welcome to our humble abode.


I sent Flavio a USPS MO and he sent it to me at work where I have high speed internet. There I transferred it to my pocket flash drive went home and burned it to CD. took about 2 weeks for the mail to get to Italy and for Flavio to e-mail it to me.

Well there’s the hoped for answer to my question then. Thanks for the quick responses.

Cheers from one of your newest members.