Major gps news

a shotgun that I could blast it with? I say left she say farout right

Do I have distractive violent tendencies?
Heck no just joking
But I can easily visualize this particular gps unit being flung like a frisby and then flying into a million prices after one of you blast it!!!

I use maps. :laugh:

I just drive around until I find it.

Certainly no stopping to ask directions.


Big rigg, Nashville this morning Dallas tonight

Can u believe that I haven't seen my guitar in a week!
Will have to start
over with calises and exercise.
try to remember where I left off
Do y'all play/practice/record much?

All I did today was try to figure out a way to interface the Motu with my crappy home stereo so I could actually do some recording. Tomorrow and Friday!

Real proof idiots other than Michael Scott are too stoopid for GPS…

This is a real new story from about mile down the road from where I live.…1

More :laugh:

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and Officer ? says, "it's surprising" :)

What’s a slough?

Woooooo that’s bad wow I’m sure everyone who uses gps has an interesting first time out storie. Mine was the day that I showed the ‘full grown smokey the bear’ my new gps while on a road that I was not supposed to be on with a bigass truck.
Last week it dumped me onto old small streets in Columbus Oh while weighing 75,000.+ lbs
Not fun

Its best to combine apps with other maps and thing_i

Gps are bad around new rd construction

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What's a slough?
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Quote: (TomS @ Jun. 17 2011, 9:51 AM)

What's a slough?

On a related note, are people embarrassed to be from Maidenhead?

Someday I very much want to visit London.
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Someday I very much want to visit London.

And visit you should Tom. It's a lovely city. Well the centre is. As for me I'm done with it and have no desire to go there again.

Just after I first met the lady who was to become my wife we were on the tube and were discussing which direction to travel. She pronounced Ruislip phonetically (rew-eee-slip) which I thought was very funny. (It's rye-slip). But now she's getting her own back on me with all these Maori named places :-)

But don’t forget your GPS. (phew, back on topic. Did you see how I did that? :whistle: )

Someday I’d like to visit Phew.

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Someday I'd like to visit Phew.

How many?