Major HELP please!

Right I’m having problems recording into my computer. I downloaded ntrack and many others but i come across the same problem. I’m trying to record from my turntables and have the red + white cable plugged into the back of the mixer and the single jack into the mic input on my pc but whenever I start playing music nothing happens on the program, no sound or any indication that sound is coming through. What could be the problem?

Go HERE and check out the tutorials to help you setup your PC for recording with n-Track. :)


Thanks but I still can’t get anything from it. Surely there’s a simple solution?

First of all, use the line input, not the mic input. Second, are you in fact getting a signal out of the mixer? that would seem to be a likely culprit, given that the problem is not specific to any software. What mixer is it, and what routing options does it have? Also - you are certain that the cable you are using is good?

I don’t seem to be getting a signal from anything even when I plug my minidisc player into the computer. The mixer is a redsound infader and the cable is plugged into the booth output. I can record fine from it onto the minidisc player but nothing happens when i try to record into my pc.

Hmm. what soundcard?

If you can’t get ANY audio into your PC, there are two possible problems.

1. The sound card is not configured properly for recording.
2. The sound card is toast.

Did you follow the tutorials I pointed you to?


Dude - find your software mixer for the sound card (usually located in the system tray on the bottom right of your desk top and ensure your “line” in volume is un-muted and turned up to a reasonable volume). That’s your first stop.

Well the software mixer in my tray has all the relevant volume level’s but the strange thing is the line volume control and the microphone control are disabled meaning i can’t click on them or adjust anything. The mixer is a C-Media mixer.

You probably need to check the “Sounds” settings in Control Panel. Make sure your soundcard is selected for both Playback and Recording. This should enable the controls you mentioned. Check that out and let us know. BTW, what brand/model PC are you using?


Right well I’ve checked that and everything is set up correctly but still no control over the volume’s in the mixer? The PC is made up of different parts so it doesn’t have one main brand.

Are you sure you are looking at the recording controls and not the play back controls? If you choose options>properties, you can choose whether you are looking at playback or recording.

Yes I’m sure. I’ve looked through it about 100 times but still no results! I really don’t know whats up. Maybe it’s just my soundcard but it can’t be that bad as I’m running a 5.1 surround system off it.

Quote (Jackers @ May 25 2005,15:52)
Yes I'm sure. I've looked through it about 100 times but still no results! I really don't know whats up. Maybe it's just my soundcard but it can't be that bad as I'm running a 5.1 surround system off it.

Try disabling 5.1 support on the card and see if your Record controls become enabled. Some cards "steal" resources for more advanced features. There should be something in the cards control panel about this. IF the 5.1 decoding is done by the cards DSP, it may not allow recording while 5.1 decoding is enabled. Worth a shot.....


Is this a motherboard C-Media? If so, are you sure it supports input? Some MB manufacturers kill input on purpose. If the input is grayed out in the mixer it can be because of this or the drivers aren’t exposing it. Yes,it’s a bunch of crap if that turns out to be the case.

THANKYOU gtr4him. That’s it working now as soon as I disabled the 5.1 system. Thank’s again for everyones help.

Wow - Tim, that’s not bad.

The ‘remote-diagnostic-shot-in-the-dark-hitting-centre-bullseye-and-solving-the problem’ award goes to :

Gtr4Him !


Right well i’ve recorded a set on it and something strange happens. Everytime I play it back there is a random piano key that appears here and there throughout the recording? Anyway of stoping this.

Does it happen when you mixdown as well ?

Is it at different times ? (Totally random, or everytime in the same place)

What (if any) plugins do you use ?