Make It Last

New (old) song

Play Make It Last.

This is a song that I wrote 20 years & am recording for the first time. These are rough tracks I laid down in a couple of hours this weekend, but it shows the song.

I don’t plan on adding too much more instrumentally because I want my new recordings to be less cluttered with over-dubs. I do plan on re-visiting the lyrics. I do want to add some background vocals.

Comment/criticism are welcome. Thanks!

New version at the same link. I re-did guitar, bass & vocal tracks. The drum track is still not done.

Comments/criticism welcome. Thanks for listening!

No-one dare to comment :laugh:

Here’s what I got from


I liked this track a lot. I thought the guitars were ace, the main guitar riff was particulary gripping and it had a very nice suitable solo. I wasn’t that keen on the bass. Didn’t sound like it had much style to it. Lots of notes that were all good, but without any technique. Was it MIDI? As for the lyrics, any chance you can post them? I liked your voice but felt some lines were a bit drawn out, probably because the lines were not very long to sing. I think you could do with another voice over the “Make it last” part when you go higher to give it a bit more emphasis.

Nice sound. I listened to a few of the tracks. Reminiscent of Neil Young. It sounds like you are using a drum/click track. Drum machines suck the life out of all good music. Unfortunately, when there are not other musicians
available we tend to turn to them. To me the difference between this music having a lot of pop or sounding kind of bland is that #### click track. This is not a knock against you because the parts that have a very authentic quality such as the vocal and guitar sound great. I’ve had to rework all of
my music because of the drum machine. This music would be the real deal without the regular beat.

Hi Mike,

Listened a few times. I love the main guitar riff and the vocals are fine. Basically I like the song very much, but I think you could make it better even. The guitar solo, for me, sounds a little bit stilted, having heard your playing plenty of times I think you could make it flow a bit better.
At the end of the song I would suggest a harmony behind the ‘make it last’, probably extending the ‘last’ ( Thinking of eagles style harmony ). It would give the song more of a big finish.
Well thats just my feelings. But good song and good performance,

Ian - thanks for the input. I’ll take up your suggestion on the vocals at the end.

It’s interesting what you say about the lead. I’m not sure exactly what else you’ve listened to, but I consider myself a pretty sloppy lead player. On this song, I actually decided to keep it simple (or un-sloppy).

I’m trying to go for a more basic sound, i.e., something between Dire Straits & Neil Young.

Hi Mike,

Actually, I’ve listened to a lot of ur stuff! Don’t like to admit it of course :D
Also, I’m a closet Mr Young fan. Don’t like everything he’s done, but Like a Hurricane is one of my favourite songs of all time.
Back to the song: I can hear tha Knopfler influence in the way u pick some of the notes in the main riff. It’s just that to me the solo sounds like u were holding back, doesn’t seem to flow somehow. But hey, that’s just me! Still like the song.

Food for thought. If you post in ‘anything else’, you get anything between 20 and 70 replies. You posted this song here and got one response, from me. CMW posted a song I collaborated on with him, and he got one response, from my good friend Beefy.
Are we still a music forum ???

Thanks for listening (and it’s OK)! I don’t like everything Neil did either. When he’s on, he’s realy on but he also did alot of what I think is absolute crap.

I posted a link to my music on alt.guitar.amps & they hammered me but good. I agree with some of what they said, e.g., don’t use a drum machine (I know I shouldn’t), do multi-track when you record, etc. Interestingly, they never actually said much about the actual song, i.e., it would always be criticizing me for the recording or the mix.


Nice song Mike, I can hear the NY influences.
I’m not a great NY fan, but I love occasional songs of his and considering his prodigious output that’s probably quite a lot :laugh:
I agree with Bruffie about the harmony, I think that would really lift the song.
I like the lead part and would say make it simpler if anything. One thing that impresses me about NY is his amazing ability to do one-string solo’s that sound fantastic!
I’m not happy with the bass sound though, and I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly. Some kind of distortion? a rattling speaker? I dunno, something :D

BTW, don’t tell anyone about the drum machine, just say you have an incredibly precise and consistent drummer :D


Steve - thanks for listening. I actually think the solo is as complicated as it needs to be. I tried to make it like a Young solo would be.

One criticism, that I agree with, is to re-do the bass line. I’m not a very good bass player so that’s all I could really do. I recorded the bass direct & I wasn’t aware that it sounded strange in any way.

If there are any bass players or drummers out there that would like to colloborate, I’d be happy for you to play. I tried this with another member but he didn’t have the bandwidth. I do 96/24 on my recordings.

BTW - I’m using the Gibson LP Deluxe re-issue that I’ve modded to be like Neil’s LP. I’m also using my '62 Brown Vibrolux for the lead track.


Mike, don’t take my word that the bass is strange, it’s just that it sounds like it to me. It may be something else and I’m just blaming the bass.
Don’t forget Bruffie never mentioned it.
My ears are not very good anyway (could do with a “deaf” smiley)


yep, i’m staying up again way before my bedtime; but just listened to it twice…first one for the fun of it…second one to try and hear any "oomphs’ on recording. Pretty much liked it all around, did not hear any bass problems…actually very nice. I really liked the Neil Young strike to it.


Scott - thanks for the listen! It’s definitely supposed to have a Neil vibe to it.

Finally finished this song. I’m joined by Mick Fleetwood again on drum (loops). I think this is the best recording I’ve done to date.

Really excellent. It’s got melody and plenty of changes to keep your interest up. The little guitar hook is really sweet. I do like the simplicity in your lead part. Recording is excellent. I listened for the odd bass sound that Beefy Steve heard. Sounded good to me, and the bass guitar is one area where I often hear things that I don’t like. Probably has to do with the monitors we are using - we don’t all hear the same thing.

If I were to make one suggestion it would be to try push a little harder on the vocals. Your singing is excellent, but really laid back. The guitar hook builds up considerable tension, and if you could get a little more urgency and emotion into the vocal, I think that you could wring a lot of feeling out of the song. I bet that’s what Neil would say.

This is my favorite of all of the songs that you have on your web site. Given a little bit more emotion, I think that it would sit comfortably on any commercial radio playlist. Your current songs seem to be a notch above your earlier work. I’m putting your last two songs on my list of permanent home/small studio ‘keepers’ along with one of Beefy Steve’s and Bruffie’s original. This is the stuff that keeps me coming back to the ntrack music forum.


Thanks for listening & thanks for the feedback - I do appreciate it!

I’ve done a bunch of EQ since Beefy Steve’s comments, so maybe I’ve eliminated it.

I agree about the vocals. I’m just not that great of a singer but maybe I could do a bit more emotion. Actually, these last two songs are really old songs and I wrote them long before I was even thinking about trying to write commercially. I think that’s why they’re actually kind of nice because I was just writing/noodling with no pre-conceived notions.

In any event, I appreciate the listen. I was really happy with how this song came out.