Make money by teaching my how to use N-Track Drums

Alright… I’ve grown weary of trial and error w/ N-Track drums.

I’m telling you, it really is a good thing this software program can’t fit in the toilet… lol

Okay but I’m not giving up… I just want some hands on help, as individual trail and error is weighing heavily on me.

Here’s the offer. I’m going to pay $100 US to the person that will spend 2 hours on the telephone explaining N-Track Drums to me. I will pay $50 for every additional hour if we need it.

I want all the details on this thing. N-Track drums has been the source of maximum frustration in my life for way too long, and this offer is my last attempt at NTrack.

My $100 payment will be made via Paypal at the conclusion of the session, so I guess you need to be a verified Paypal member. I will even call you on the phone, so you don’t have to worry about long distance charges eating into your profits.

At the end of the 2 hour session, I don’t expect you to have me replacing Phil Collins in a studio session, but I would expect you to have gotten me up and running - laying down basic N-Track drums - demo quality stuff w/in the context of a song, having the mix fit right w/ the rest of the song, etc., and no longer feeling the nearly uncontrollable desire to cuss every 5 minutes, or give up making music altogether.

Finally, I think it is worth noting, that I have had nothing but bad experiences w/ N-Track Drums in the past - as anyone reading my previous post “N-Track Drums Intervention” can attest. The DK+ manuel is worthless for someone just starting out w/ VSTI, or whatever it is, and from the little time I’ve spent trying to learn MIDI, I can already tell that I dislike “MIDI” drums w/ a passion.

All that said, I’m not an idiot, I’m just a little challenged w/ the drum looping thing. I’m sure this will be the easiest $100 you make all year, and certainly the best $100 I spend all year.

Please consider the offer.

Email me at to set something up this week.

I am using n-Track Studio 16 bit Version 4.2.1 (2099) 3/5/2006. I think to assist me most efficiently, you should be fluid with this build.

Serious inquiries only.

All the best,

Jonathan Wilson
aka, “Iplan”

Midi isn’t so bad; I have gotten to where I can read the piano roll better than I can sheet music.

But when I try ntrack drums, sooner or sooner ntrack crashes…

So may I suggest you save your money, and spend a few hours with some decent soundfonts (nskit 7 is free and pretty good) and a copy of the sfz plug-in. With a little practice the ntrack piano roll is plenty good enough to make fine sounding percussion tracks.

Just IMHO, of course! :D

'til next time;

Hi Iplan and wynot:
Could this topic be One-in-the-Same as this thread?…ry65220

If it is, do you think that the Chat Room idea could be refined to a point where it wouldn’t require input from the people in the know beyond the time necessary it would take to get the ones trying to learn how to make drum tracks?

I’m thinking that at some point-in-time the ones learning would become self-sufficient and be able to pick-it-up from some point in the discussions…

Is the chat room idea worth the effort? I’ll create one and post the links so we can see if it’ll “FLY”…

What do you think?


Quote (Iplan @ April 08 2007,00:00)
Here's the offer. I'm going to pay $100 US to the person that will spend 2 hours on the telephone explaining N-Track Drums to me. I will pay $50 for every additional hour if we need it.

but wont paypal wanna hunk of it too?and i mean a good hunk,i sold a guitar this weekend on the bay for 2000.00,pay pal charged me 59.74 !!!!!


Thanks for the reply, and the suggestion for the chat room. It is a good one. That said, I’m desperate, and don’t want to spend anymore time looking at this thing, and asking the most basic operational questions.

I hope someone takes me up on the offer.

BTW, I also posted this in my previous thread, “NTrack Drums Intervention,” but thought it might not get seen at the bottom of that thread, so I decided to start another topic.


The cost of doing business w/ Paypal is roughly 3%. In consideration of the $100 I will pay, you would net $94 on the transaction - equating to a wage of $47 per hour. If it’s a problem that you would consider prohibitive to helping me, I will cover the Paypal charges for you.


Thanks for the suggestion to use the other program. If it comes down to that (eg: there’s no one out there that understands NTrack Drums well enough to explain it to someone else), would you be willing to work w/ me in mastering your system at the basic level?

As far as saving money… I’d rather save the time by spending the money. Trust me, it’ll be the best $100 I spend all year.

Finally, "Happy Easter."

Christ has risen!
He’s risen indeed!

I’ve used Linplug’s drum machine for so long I never really figured out how to use n-Track’s drum machine. Does it work the same way?

BTW, there’s no way in 2 hours you’re going to learn how to get programmed drums to sit in the mix properly. So I think your contract offer has a problem, since it is unperformable. :D

Seriously, your problems sound like they have as much to do with the way midi tends to make things sound than it does with technical stuff. Is that correct?

I admit I haven’t read your other thread, but I will right away.

BTW, for the most part midi drums suck unless you want your drums to sound like midi drums. To misquote Ginger Baker - a good band with a great drummer is a great band, but a good band with a midi drummer isn’t.

Tom, I think his problem is in getting ntdrums to actually do anything useful, like saving a setting when you close the program, or maybe not crashing the system when you use a sample that is not in its default directory, or on another hard-drive. I would love to use ntdrums, it seems to be really cool when it does work, but it makes no sense. You have to create a loop, okay. then you have to put a tic on the timeline in the piano roll editor - and then it never seems to do what it is supposed to do. I finally gave up and went back to soundfonts through sfz, and FruityLoops for stuff where I need specific sample sets which are not in soundfonts.

'til later for nTrack drums…



Wynot has it perfectly. I’m not concerned so much w/ “mastering” as I am w/ simple BASIC functionality, and just getting it to the mixdown stage w/ the rest of the song.

I don’t really care about sophisticated applications like importing a bunch of add ons, etc… I just want to be able to work w/in the basic package.

1. For example, How do you control the volume?
2. How do you set it up to work in a recording environment?
3. What if I have a verse w/ an extra measure?
4. How do I get the program to follow a track like midi does? (eg: G for Intro, A for Verse, B for Chorus… etc, I know all of that, but have no idea how to make the program follow these instructions by itself while I record another track).

I can use it as a cool sounding metronome, but the minute I try to record, things get confusing pretty quickly, so I need basic recording help here.

$100… anyone? anyone?

C’mon, 100 bucks? Folks, step up and help him for free. Otherwise, I will have to. And I don’t have the time right now. :D

Hi Again:
I believe what may be needed to get started is getting familiar with the Mouse and Keyboard Commands and configuring the MIDI Mapping so after a brief set-up he/we could see the results of some In-a-Nutshell “Layman’s” instructions we could see and hear the product on the timeline doing something from a command appearance, we’d be off-and-running… After that it would be a matter of refining the basic command structure to fit the idea of the song… Is this or could this be a simplified resolve ?..

As I see IT… Creating MIDI Loops has always been part of MIDI Minded musicians, where the command lines never needed to be learned… MIDI has/was part of your lives It’s been around for 30-or-more years now… Your parents learned all this when they were kids… So… it’s born into you MIDI Guys…

Could there more to it than that ??..

Don Gaynor is one guy that I can point to that was around this Board… that could create some great MIDI Tracks… He hangs out over on the AudioMinds Board from time-to-time… His health became a factor in his life… I hope he’s well…


Here’s a tip, go find Algorythm from Space Time Foam on the net and use that. Its SO much better than midi drums.

Iplan, I gave up on drum software after playing with Fruity Loops for a while. Now I’ve heard some people do some pretty decent stuff with it, but I was never able to.

I went out and bought a used Alesis drum machine. I found it a little easier to use and better sounding drums. Can be had for around $100.

Hey Iplan,

I made a tutorial on using n-track drums. That way maybe more people can benefit. I hope this helps you out. Let me know what else you want to know. This covers the basics.

- Loading up the sound kit
- Creating patterns
- Saving patterns
- Controlling which patterns are played from n-Track using MIDI control messages
(I switch between 3 patterns of 2 lengths)
- Controlling the sounds using VST effects automation
(Listen for the crescendo on the cadence at the beginning and the panning back and forth of the chimes at the end)

It’s a pretty non-musical end product, but the idea wasn’t musical genius - just to give an overview of work flow for n-Track drums.

Here’s the finished product.
Here’s the tutorial.

OK all, if this tutorial is helpful, let me know, and maybe recommend a better place to post it. :D

PS - Has anyone else had trouble getting effect parameter automation to mix down properly? It works fine for me during playback, but when I render the song, the only way it will honor the effect envelopes I’ve drawn is if I select mixdown while playing…