Making a long weekend

Starting tonight !

Hi there !

Just thaught I’d drop in to say that I’ve taken leave tommorow (wednesday) 'till Friday.
I call it ‘keep-me-from-killing-my-coworkers-insurance’


So I’ve got about 1000 miles ahead of me on Route 62 and the Garden route down the south coast of our beautiful country on my FJ.

I’ll hopefully be able to bore you with fotos on monday.


Hi Wihan, enjoy the time off my friend. Have a safe trip also! :D

Thanks, Yaz.

When it comes to biking I have a philosophy that I pull through to dealing with the sea and aircraft as well: If you lose your respect for it it will kill you.
I do push my own envelope every now and then, but never outside of my abillity or what the surroundings allow.


Rubber side down…Have a safe trip. Can’t wait 'til the weather breaks here.

Have a good trip Wihan. Wish I had the spirit to do it, but I’m too spoilt… need my four doors, a/c and stereo :) Take care my friend!

Have a safe trip Wihan. YES! Please bore us with photos when you get back! :)


No, live on the high life and take some air on the next hill!

Just did that in a car with kids that werent expecting it today that I took skiing cus they were off from school…we all went "Whoooo!"

What a great day. Sometimes it’s just great to take a day off, then do something unexpected. We had alotta fun, but hey, we’re in the foothills of pennsylvania! How exciting is that, eh?

Go for it Wihan! You’re in a lot of better territory than I was, looking forward to pictures, ENJOY!


Hi there again !

I had an awesome time !
Scott, it is good to sometimes do the unexpected.
Ian, at one time I wished I had some aircon. It was bordering on 40 degrees celcius (it is after all high summer here !). I’m sure you wouldn’t be a stranger to heat over in the UAE …

I ended up not taking as many photos as I wanted, but here are a good couple of some of the places I’ve been to:

This was the 2nd morning just before departing from very good friends in Rawsonville - a little farming community town about 50 miles from my house (only left the Wednesday about 13:00 to visit them).

This is the entrance to the farm where they rent a house.

This is the view from the entrance.

This is the view from their house.

part II

The next couple of photos was taken so that you would believe me when I say there are mountains all around …
I’ve parked the FJ on the side of the road and took photos with it in the frame each time so that you could see in what direction it is pointing, so you could get an idea of where (in relation to it) you are looking. This is about 55 miles from my house.

The following two photos are in an area that we call the Little karoo. It is a little dryer than the area the previous photos (Boland), but as you can see a very nice place to throw the bike around a little. The pass is about 6 - 7 miles of this type of terrain - this is about 250 miles from my house.

The following was taken the next evening on the way from Oudshoorn to George (George is on the Garden route). Notice (still) the mountains all around.

Then (about 20 miles on), this is what it looks like.
Auteniqua pass. Notice how the environment is already less harsh. More soft and green. It’s difficult to describe how much the climate can change in about 30 miles.

part III

…The next morning I continued back home on what is known in South Africa as the Garden route.

This is on my way into a holiday town (Glentana). I’ve 1st entered it on a little back road, and then I went back on the main road for about 10 miles so that I could take the wider sea photos (the highway is higher against the mountains)

This is a place in the Overberg (translated meaning ‘Over the mountain’). It is close to one of the prime whale watching spots on our coastline. Betty’s Bay.

The last part of the trip was a place called Rooi Els. The 1st picture shows the little pass doen with the sea at the back. On the other side of False Bay (right at the back of the photo on the right) the landmass that is visible is the back of table mountain. Behind that is Chapmain’s Peak and CapePoint, but that’s another day’s story…

The following is taken from the same spot, but just looking towards the right.

Lasty, this is a little further looking back at where the previous photo was taken. At the right of that last ‘bumpy’ landmass you can see a couple of houses. Those are the same houses than what the previous photo is looking down on…

If you made it this far, thanks for indulging me. Hopefully this would have given you a little glimpse of the beautiful surroundings that we have available to us in the Western Cape. I must also say that this is a fraction of what is available just around the corner from my house (Rooi Els is something like 50 miles from home).

There are countless mountain passes that are equally beautiful. You can literally drive for 300 miles in any direction and be surrounded by mountain ranges.

Cheers !


Awesome pictures. Some of the landscapes remind me a little of New Zealand.

Thanks for posting them.



Can I come stay at your house for a while Wihan… please :D :D



Steve, you’re welcome ! Just bring your own Guinness (or whatever ale other than the local bear you want to drink !)

The weird thing is that the UK (and Scotland and Ireland) has places that are way more beautiful, like certain parts of America as well, but I don’t think that you get such a diverse environment in such a relative small proximity as in the Western Cape. It’s like you have lesser versions of other country’s sights and landforms, but all closer together.

Oh, and we have sunshine :p

I’m not even saying anything about the rest of europe.

One of my dreams is that I want to travel through Europe and the UK on some form of selfpowered two wheeled vehicle. I don’t think there’s a better way to tour / see the world than from the seat of a motorcycle.

(Well, maybe from the seat of an ultralight, but that’s another story alltogether)


Awsum pics Wihan, Awsum scenery also!

Glad you had a great time. Everyone needs an escape trip at least once every 6 months.

I would love a trip to Ireland just to see the greenery. :D

Quote (Wihan Stemmet @ Feb. 14 2006,00:40)
Steve, you’re welcome ! Just bring your own Guinness (or whatever ale other than the local bear you want to drink !)

Careful Wihan. I invited Beefy to Dubai and the bugger came. Diverted the attention of the girls in the local Filipino bands away from yours truly.
Drunk any brew that was available.
Sung at my local Karaoke bar and lost me my No 1 status.

Was the best week I’ve had for years :)

Your country looks beautiful my friend. I have the sunshine here, and sea and sand of course, except the dunes carry for several hundred miles inland :D

Ugh… it is summer on your side of the planet… Lucky bastage. Do I see grapes back there? You don’t happen to be near the Paarl valley do you? Sorry, my wine nerdness is showing. Some of them Paarl boys can make one heck of a Malbec and Shiraz.

Wow :O

I am amazed.

Yes the grapes you are seeing (Rawsonville) is 30 miles from Paarl.

To go one further, my office is in Paarl. From where I sit I look over the du Toits Kloof mountains wich makes up the one side of the Paarl Valley.

Then Stellenbosch might sound familiar as well ? That’s about 20 miles South East from where I work…


You should enter a general knowledge contest …


No, just a wine nerd. I was absolutely in love with a wine called New Beginnings Classic Dry Red (Nice balance, slight leather and cherry tones… ) a few years back from Paarl, specifically from Klein Begin which was part of Nelson’s Creek. Nelson’s Creek gave the land away to a group of families to start Klein Begin as the first black owned/operated winery in SA. Unfortuatnely they no longer distribute the stuff in my area and I can’t find a place willing to ship to me. :( But I know the SA wines well, at least what I can get here… Robert’s Ridge is a good quality value Malbec. From Rawsonville I only know Goudini and Merwida. There are a few others I like from Paarl too. But it seems the whole area around CApe Town is covered with vineyards. (Or so I gather from reading labels.) Life is too short to be hung up on Cabernets from California. (Though, just about anything from Bonney Doone has my interest.) I’ll stop now before I really start to nerd on wine. :D Though someday when I am rich (ha ha, right) and have nothing better to do, I think I’ll do a work tour of fine wineries. I would love to drink my way through Italy as they have some varietals there that will make your head spin (well, too much wine of any kind makes your head spin, but you knwo what I mean.) Okay this time I am really stopping my nerding.

that was a sweet little tour, first thing i noticed is vineyards, are they making good wines?
but your comment:
It’s like you have lesser versions of other country’s sights and landforms, but all closer together

Yep, I think you are right.

Thanks for your photos, they were great to look at, thanks for sharing your trip. Me thinks you are a good camera guy!

Really enjoyed your pic’s.