Making each track one WAV file?

is there a feature in n-track?

Is there anything in n-Track that can make each track one single WAV file, so that each track’s WAV starts at zero. It would make exporting the WAV’s to another program or person for mixing so much easier…

anyone know?

you can mix down individual tracks and replace the original track with the mixdown. this would accomplish this.

true. but it seems a little time consuming, plus i’d have to zero down all the pans, volumes, etc so that the single WAV file is completely dry and unaltered…

Hmmm…does anybody know if the little “Enable/Disable Effects” button on the track view effects mixdown? You might be able to do what you want by disabling that button. I’m really not sure. I may try to check that out when I get home.


I think it does. But does it affect volume and pan draws? If not, you could alway clone all the tracks and just copy the wav files. But again, that’s pretty time consuming. But bouncing tracks (mixing down individual tracks to single wavs) just kinda IS time consuming. Not just on N. Just part of the dynamics of how wav files are created and such. I mean, I guess a program could have a feature that would do it all automatically, but it would still have to think and figure it out, and it would basically amount to the same thing. Now, if you were just wanting to lower the processor speed by having the individual tracks mixed down, etc., this could be done w/o mixdown IF ntrack had an effects lock feature, which I have been saying it needs for a while now.


I may be misunderstanding something here, but if you really want completely unaltered wavs of each track, can’t you just grab 'em from the directory where your wav data is stored?


What he is talking about is that his track contains multiple wavs (edits and stops and starts, etc.) Sometimes I have tracks that are compliations of 8 or 9 wav files. He wants one wave file, per track, that is the entire track, this eliminating the need to load each wav file. This can cut down on processor usage and slowdowns from the hard drive, because the hd doesn’t have to go find one file, which may have been stored on one part of the drive, then go find the next part one the other side of the drive, etc.


another reason i’d like to have this feature, is so that if I am producing a band and NOT mixing them, i will have an easy way to mix all the tracks down to single WAV files, so that I can send them to the person who is mixing it… or if i need to mix the songs myself in using a different program.

Yeah … I don’t think there is any easy method of doing this.
I think the way I would do it (albeit time consuming), would be to save the song as a packed song file with no compression … for a copy to work with. Un-pack that saved .sgw file to it’s own folder and save it as a different .sng file. Then you can use that copy to mixdown each track separately after removing the effects, pans, volumes, etc envelopes.
It’ll take a bit of time but you will still have the original in the event you wish to continue working on the song in n-Track.

i`d love to have this feature too. or even better OMF support.
N4 does support broadcast wave file import. does itself create broadcast? than the offsets would be stored in the waves. porbably this works.