Making TomS happy

New mix

Here is a tune I just finished up. I posted it elsewhere as I didn’t do it in N-track, but Tom seems so lonely over here… :;): Lemmie know what you fellers think.


Well, I think it is a work of towering creative genius, and I haven’t even listened to it yet. :)

It is sloooooolwy downloading right now…

edit: well, I was right, it is a towring work of genius. Seriously, that is thoroughly good. The guitars are fantastic. I have one small complaint - um, well, I sort of expected your voice to be a bit higher than that - kidding! - seriously, at the 4:00 mark she has finished that really high stuff, and then goes back to singing the chorus. leave that out. Go straight to the guitar - I think you are playing octaves on it? - and then finish as you do with her singing that little tag. As it is, the emotions are carried up high with the vocal line, and then she’s back down into what sounds like her lowest range, and it sort of loses the momentum. Just a suggestion…

A good suggestion at that… you are thinking how I do… keep the momentum going. I’ll consider that suggestion.

This is a really nice piece of work. I actually think Tom hit the nail on the head, and you should keep the momentum up by going from the high vox to the Guitar, but that aside, it didn’t detract from the listening experience which was very enjoyable.
The " never decide" bit is lodged in my head and won’t go away,
Great stuff!!


Never decide? Are you referring to a lyric as that ain’t in there. Maybe “never tried”?

Quote (Bubbagump @ April 19 2007,18:20)
Never decide? Are you referring to a lyric as that ain't in there. Maybe "never tried"?

Actually, was listening on my crappy laptop speakers at work. Just played it a few times loud on the system in the car. the line is "never lose sight". Sounds good in the car, i would say the snare sound could be a little crisper, sounds kind of muffled in places. There seems to be a small timing issue near the end of the guitar solo(or it's my download)
But the song, the vox and the guitar are all good.
Really good song, played it at least 6 times now,