Male vocals changed to female?

Hello folks,

This will be about the strangest one I have asked on this board (and I promise it’s not because I want to make extra cash working on phone sex lines at the weekend).

Many of my favorite bands have female vocalists… and I am thinking of trying out one or two that advertise in the area soon.

I write all my lyrics… and sing them, but only so I know how tracks will sound and to aid in writing; I very much doubt I will ever be singing live.

I would like to be able to record some of my lyrics and see how they will sound with a female range.

I know Boss make a ‘voice transformer’ called VT-1, but I think that costs about £200 and that’s a bit much to spend for my recordings that are really just a writing tool and do not need to sound all that good.

Is there a half decent sofware approach to this?


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How about N-track’s pitch shifter plugin?


I have messed with that a bit, but only with small changes in pitch.

I kind of guessed it would be a bit ‘chip monk’ like if I tried to push pitch too high.

I suppose I probably should have played with it more before posting the question.

Thanks for the quick reply.


I kinda figured you may have tried it already…Yeah, it won’t be like the real thing, but a couple of things I think would help are: (1) use the highest “accuracy” setting to avoid “modulation”-type artifacts (use ver 4.x’s “track freeze” if your CPU suffers too much), and (2) sing the original to where it pushes your voice just as hard as the female will be pushing her voice, that way the vocal has the right expression in it before you push it up.

I haven’t tried what you’re going for, so sorry if you’ve already tried these, but FWIW, that’s how I’d use the pitch shifter…

Good luck!


I have used the built-in Fx of my sblive card in realtime, and heard my own voice like a female one, i remember. I guess that you can do that with any audio editor. You will need pitch-up your voice 3 o 4 semitones. But be sure to check the “dont change speed” option. Also you will need to transpose your song wave tracks.
Also you can try this proggie, in some cases give good results (some other, definitely, no)

RBC Voice Tweaker has an option to “womanize” (or “maleify”). The point is to change the pitch of the formant frequencies only instead of all of the signal.

I’ve used it sometimes to add some “females” as backup singers. Works pretty well, if you keep them low enough on the mix. Not convincing for lead vocals, though…

Just have someone kick you in the balls.

If 'ya wanna spend $300 you can kiss the backup singers goodbye: sells Vocaloid synthesis packages “Miriam” and “Lola” and you can just program them to sing anything you want. Demo there; it can do a respectable job for backup singers…

Here’s a much cheaper option - don’t you know a woman who can sing?

Sometimes the traditional ways are the best ways …


Just have someone kick you in the balls.
I was thinking of something less painful.....go to the doctor -- snip snip. It worked for Michael. Too bad they didn't stop there.

Quote (phoo @ April 08 2005,13:14)
Just have someone kick you in the balls.

I was thinking of something less painful.....go to the doctor -- snip snip. It worked for Michael. Too bad they didn't stop there.

I came back to check on the answers to my question and saw there was one from Phoo. Now experience on this board has told me that the fella has some good knowledge to impart.

So... do I take it as humour, or just go ahead and take the last bit of advice.

Hmmm.... I have a razor blade about here somewhere. :O

Cheers folks. I am going to mess with pitch shifter's somewhat and see what I can get.

I do have a few options for girls I could get to sing a bit... but this is all about the composition. I really like to hear bits of a song I am working on while writing it so I can get at least a rough idea of the whole. Unless I get a willing vocal girl with a lot of time to spare as I mess about with riffs, then I am going to have to work through this stage with my own croonings.


Hmmm.... I have a razor blade about here somewhere.
That's in the don't try this at home department, unless you are a doctor of course, or nergle (his salad fingers avatar tells it all :) ).