Man playing guitar with his mouth...

not what you may think…s_mouth

I thought about trying that once… then I realized I still couldn’t “play” in tune… :laugh:


Strange… interesting… but why?

Huh - I thought that software was going to put guitarists out of business…

Tommy Willis is that good but he sounds more like a finely tuned cello.

Wah wa wa wahhh , cough.…

Quote: (TomS @ Aug. 09 2009, 12:21 PM)

Huh - I thought that software was going to put guitarists out of business..

Woah... never happen Tom. Have you heard the VSTi "guitars" available out there today? Oh my goodness do they SUCK! My first exposure was "Slayer" that comes with FL Studio Producer Edition. Useless IMO... absolutely useless. I'd rather hear half-a$$ed REAL guitars than perfectly sequenced VSTi "guitars" any day man. ANY day...

I figure you were kind of tongue in cheek there but... :laugh:


Tongue deeply and firmly in cheek.

Thing is, I figure that for most of the VSTi things the thing to do is not treat them like they will ever replace real humans, but treat them like things to screw up as much as possible. One day I will have a real drummer again, and I know that my recordings will sound that much better…

That was freaky to say the least.
But nice echo on the VAX (vocal axe)
Was that thru a Marshall? :laugh:

Na, it was through a POD… :laugh:

I heard Michael Winslow (of Police Academy fame) do some amazing things like that with a bunch of stomp boxes for FX and looping. Lemme check out YouTube…


GO Jimi!!



Funny stuff.