Managing recording levels

adding track to mixed down wav

I want to add a bass track to a mixed wav. The original mixdown had Classic EQ, Classic Compression and Classic Limiter (-.2db) on the master channel. When I import it and play it back it sounds good but the level peaks out at about 65 - 80 on the VUs. If I try to get it up around 90 - 95 it clips.
My questions: Where should I have the mixdown level when I am playing it back to record the bass track along with it? And then, where do I set the levels to mix it all down?


p.s. the original mixdown song without the bass track has good levels when played on my home system and i don’t want to mess them up.

If you’ve still got the original sng file with the separate tracks I’d record the bass into that sng file and then remix it.

I’f you’ve already got compression and a limiter on the master channel it will be hard to get the bass to sound part of the mix.

Should be fairly easy to just record the bass and then mixdown again…

you may need to adjust the relative mix of the other tracks once the bass is added anyway. Plus you may need to adjust the overall EQ once you have those bass frequencies in there too.


Thanks… Yes I have the original tracks stored on a DVD. I was hoping it would be easier than ripping them back to my HD and opening them with n-track 3.3 which doesn’t like to open 2.2. projects with fx.
Good lesson learned here…don’t put it away until it is REALLY finished… (although they are never really “really” finished.)… I would probably still be mixing down “Sgt. Pepper”, trying to ‘get it right’.



yeah. It is possible to rerecord some instruments into a mixdown, but bass is not one of them because of the low frequencies, etc. Or so it seems to me. But you can always try. :)

I will just go back to the unmixed-down originals and add the bass. Not that big of a deal…its not like playing (jamming) is a chore.
Just looking for some reinforcement of what process I was considering all along.

p.s. too bad ntrack gives so much grief about fx from one version to the next. thats the biggest hassle…re-sounding each track… oh well…its a labor of love