mandolin for 39 US dollars?!?

The Fiend!

I noticed in the latest Musicians Fiend catalog that the cheap Rogue mandolins are now about as much as a night at the movies - 39 bucks!

So…do these things totally suck, or what? If I wanted to get one to play on the porch while my kids shoot baskets, would I be totally disppointed and leave it out in the rain on purpose?

I mean, 39 bucks! :D

How wrong can you go ? That said, I bought a Epi Mandobird just because I figured it would look cool on my wall hanging next to the Firebird (had a weak moment with more money than sense… don’t ask). It’s VERY cool for distorted leads with insane bends :)
Does it sound like a mandolin ? Hardly…

shrug Smash it at a gig if you don’t like it.

Quote (Willy @ May 22 2005,07:50)
*shrug* Smash it at a gig if you don't like it.


“Talkin’ bout my generation…” Smash, crack…explosion…


“…hope I die before I get [too] old…” to be able to do that…


I feel that I should pipe in here. I am a mandolin player and have seen some playable ones for $100 U.S. but find it hard to believe that for $39 you are going to get anything but doodoo. Why not go to some local pawn shops, music stores etc. and get your hands on one first. Bill Monroe and Jethro Burns are watching your every move from the great beyond.


Why don’t you all f-f-f-fade away…


Don’t try and dig what we all say…

Is this a bluegrass version?

Scr*w bluegrass ! Distorted bass solo !! Now !!! :laugh:

Tim Bogart fan I assume? :)

How about a bass electric mandolin with tube amp distortion? That would be very nice.


OK, I don’t know how to translate a bass solo. :)

Well, I could get it and say that it’s for my kids… Would the ghosts of bluegrassers past fall for that?

Well OK but remember, cheap mandolins: you can poke your eye out with one of those things!

Hey TomS,

I have the Rogue electric mando, and it’s a good sounding instrument for its price…Of course its no F-5, but for sitting on the front porch, pickin-n-grinnin while the young’uns are shootin’ hoops, I think you’d be quite satisfied…low action, stays in tune and, again, for its price, it has a nice finish…For $39, I say do it, mister…

Hope that helps,

Even if it sucks as an instrument, it’ll look nice hanging on the wall!

Quote (Doug W @ May 22 2005,18:18)
Well OK but remember, cheap mandolins: you can poke your eye out with one of those things!

NEVER run with scossiors! (Or cheap mandolins)

My bud had a Fender something another bought new from the Fiend for $149. I and a couple of Bluegrassers we know were astounded at the quality and sound for the low price. Try the ROW-GOO. It's bound to be worth 39 lousy bucks. Skip one meal at Applebees and BANG! It's paid for! :)


Applebee’s is overpriced anyway! :)

The reviews at MF for that mand are pretty critical.

where did the band go ?..

"I 'm not trying to cause a big…sensation…"

how about distorted acoustic double bass…slapped hard…
Of course Tom, you can play those cool bendy arpeggios on your new mandy :laugh: …any banjo players here?