mandolin for 39 US dollars?!?

bluegrass? a little off topic but how about Jazz banjo! try Bella Fleck and the Flecktones…amazing stuff


Yeah, but instead of “Bow-dididly-ow-didily-ow-didily-ow-dow” it’d be “tink, tinkety-tink-tinkety-tink-tinkety tink tink” and I don’t think that it woudl captue the ethos of the song, if you know what I mean, Ray. :)

BTW, still gonna get that langevin, maybe mid-june. Come up and have a beer and check it out? ???

I’ve just bought a new red ukelele for £12.95 - or 20 of your yankey dollars. What a laugh! Learn in an hour and make every song sound like “When I’m cleaning windows.”

Forget quality - just enjoy yourself! It’s why we’re here.


PS “Talking 'bout my g-g-g-g-…” oh sod it.

It’s a deal Tom…by that time I might have my 1176 put together :)



I go away for a few days and you boys cause all sorts or trouble.

BTW: is this the Patti Smith - John Cale version?

"I don’t need your F**kin Shi…"


You just know we’re gonna want a 50 page report on that Pre-amp… Power supply Ripple and Noise/Floor specs… and all…


Bill, they don’t make Ripple anymore - maybe you can find some Boone’s Farm Apple?

:) :D :laugh: :p


I KkNnOoWw… :laugh: These Today Youngsters sometimes, can be spec freeks… I always had issues with the power supplies I built… If there was anything that hurt my audio circuit design was, power supply design. It allways seemed that the power supply was the last consideration in the project. In retrospect, I should have put more time into power supply building… and all that… Sense that’s where the audio signal comes from in the first place… In-my-opinion… Well…


Y’know, Bill, I was reading about power supplies and how they tend to get less attention than they should in mid range equipment these days. I would guess that stuff made by Manley would be pretty good in that department.

Here’s what they say on the website:


This dual-channel microphone preamplifier is our refined version of the historic Langevin AM-4 console channel. We developed our own discrete gain stage to provide for balanced outputs to bring the Langevin brand into the modern age while still retaining that desirable tone that discrete circuitry delivers. No IC’s in this unit, please! We also added 1/4" DIRECT INPUTS addressable from the rear panel. The continuously variable plus and minus 10dB shelf EQ’s switched turnover points have been chosen carefully at 40 or 80Hz (L.F.) and 8 or 12KHz (H.F.). All EQ can be completely switched out or set to ‘flat’ positions. Up to 53dB of gain is available to accommodate a wide range of microphones and high-current 48 volt phantom powering is built in. Because the most single influential component in a mic pre has to be the input transformer, this unit features our precision MANLEY mic input transformers which are wound right here in our factory, for that natural sound with a touch of brawn good iron provides.

I don’t see anything in the manual or elsewhere on the website about PS. Hmm…better write them! :)

Hi TomS:
I can allways remember building these first projects in the early '60’s… I never placed enough importance on the P/S’s… I was let-down when I applied the Hi-Voltage to them… I rated myself very poorly when building Pre-amps… It seems that a good working power supply goes Hand-in-Hand with Pristene sounding audio… and audio Pre-amp hardware that lasts a long time…

The power amp department, came easier to me… ???

I’m still useing these amps today… Ya know… if they ain’t broke… ya can’t fix them… :laugh:


That Manley stuff really looks great to me. It costs big money… You never get hurt/let-down, for buying quality audio stuff…

Quote (teryeah @ May 21 2005,21:17)
How wrong can you go ? That said, I bought a Epi Mandobird just because I figured it would look cool on my wall hanging next to the Firebird (had a weak moment with more money than sense... don't ask). It's VERY cool for distorted leads with insane bends :)
Does it sound like a mandolin ? Hardly...

How do you do "insane bends" on a mandolin?

Johnny Gimble from the Texas Playboys can do amazing bends on mando. But he plays a 4-stringer. Much higher gauge strings too, from the sound of 'em.

Quote (JeffM @ May 26 2005,12:09)
Quote (teryeah @ May 21 2005,21:17)
How wrong can you go ? That said, I bought a Epi Mandobird just because I figured it would look cool on my wall hanging next to the Firebird (had a weak moment with more money than sense… don’t ask). It’s VERY cool for distorted leads with insane bends :)
Does it sound like a mandolin ? Hardly…

How do you do “insane bends” on a mandolin?

Wish I could say it took me years & years of practice, but in this case anyone can do it :)

Hey, that’s pretty cool.

Cool ? Yeah. Looks real good on my wall next to the Firebird. Mandolin ? Well…
I see it more as a substitute for a painting or something :)

man that bob wills band could rip it up couldnt they soul? ####,thems some pickers,

If you dig Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, check out Asleep at The Wheel. Those guys are awesome too! :)


Bela, check out New Grass Revival, mandolin, Sam Bush. I think Bela was in this band. Many moons ago.

Hope I die before I “smell” old, hehehehe:p

Go for the mandolin Tom! :D

Tom S,

For $39 US I had to check it out and read some reviews up there which are kind of mixed-Whooda Thunkit?

It sounds like if you are prepared to shave the bridge down a little, tighten up the screws on the tuning machines and put a new set of strings on the mando the day it arrives you might be happier with the little beast.

People were suggesting some spendy strings up there but I would suggest a set of GHS Phosphor Bronze lights.

Please record us a mando tune soon!

So did you buy the mandolin or what?