Your Christmas songs

Hey Marce

I heard your christmas recordings of those kids in you submitted. Nice job!

I have to ask…what effects did you use on the childrens chorus voices? I like how it’s spread out and EQ’d…perfect for background voices.

Whats your secret? :;):

Hi asp. Glad you like it. maybe we are a little of topic, but a little word:
I born in 1974 in a little … :D
Im kidding. Really is one of my first experience recording vocals over instrumental arranges. I ask a lot, really a lot of advice here and at audiominds, and really, i must thank all the guys here and there. But all this wonderfull advise was deleted when the crash of the forum this year…
I dont EQ very much only that i have from any portion of the music diffrent sections of the kids recorded (one of 6-10 years old, then 10-17 years old ladyes and then 10-17 years old guys). I put in front what was more good for each kind of song. Is a pitty, but the man childs were out in most of the songs. Their voices in this ages are a really not very stable and can give problems. I also try to do some EQ like Bubbagum said me (analyze what frecuencyes are used by the voices and go this frequencyes down in the instrumental arrange) and also helps me a lot an article by Jezar, specially when he say that you need avoid that who is listening dont boring, putting interesting phrases when voices are silent. Mac from helps me a lot, giving me tips about how master some things, and some musical things. I thank him a lot.

Well, you know what is said:
“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”(mt7.7)

Really i asked here, and i get more help that i thought.