Mark A

I have a question

Is their a predelay adjusment on Glacer Verb ? I havent been able to find it.


Ted Roberts


There doesn’t seem to be, does there (unless it’s hidden somewhere). Strange for something otherwise so excellent. Obviosly they didn’t think it was required.

I haven’t seem any documentation either - but then again I haven’t needed any, but I wondered if anything was mentioned in the help files (that don’t appear to exist).



I agree, it is excellent for free, too bad we get no predelay though, I kinda need that.
If you come across it, let me know here on this post and i will do the same.
In the meanwhile freeverb 2 is doing quite well, the GUI is so simple I didnt expect much, I was wrong.
Thanks Again,


Ted are you aware that there are three variants of Freeverb?

Freeverb, Freeverb 2 and Freeverb Too.

You've mentioned the first two, but my favourite is Freeverb Too:

One of us should email DaSample about Pre-delay of their verb. Volunteers take one step forward.


Hi Mark,

I did not know there was a Freeverb Too, if it is your favorite i will definitely try it. I am getting such rich wonderful reverb from Freeverb 2 that anything better would be cosmic.
Thanks for the link and your help :D