Mark A

How do you like the DD 55 ?

Hi Mark :)

How do you like it ?


Hi Ted,

Thanks for asking.

I was getting round to asking some questions of you regarding the DD-55. So far I’m both impressed and not impressed (if that’s possible).

Mostly it’s great but I’m really struggling with the hi-hat and ride cymbal. I can play the drums (a little) but I find the hi-hat “chokes” a lot or misses hits. I’ve tried various sensitivity settings etc. The hi-hat also seems too quiet to my ears… I’m almost beginning to wonder if there is something wrong with it or the way I’m using it.

I quite like the in built sounds, and the midi works well - it’s just that my hihat rhythm seems to get messed up.

Anyway, thanks again for asking, I’ll keep at it!


Hi guys,

The hi-hat is my only beef with the DD-55 as well. The footswitch only gives you open hat or closed hat samples. The ka-shoop sound is impossible to pull off.

Mark, you can adjust the volume of each pad. The only bummer is the settings are gone if you power off. I have not played mine much but son is wearing it out!


Hi Mark,

Golly I think you are right. If I play the hi hat fast enough it does miss beats. Up until now I had not done anything that required a really fast hi hat but now that I have tried it I see what you mean.
Shucks bud I hope I didnt steer you wrong, but that is the only issue I have experienced with it to date.
You can go from open to rapid close on the hi hat by playing the small pad initially and then hitting the left hi hat foot pedal.
The samples rock though dont they ? I have been recording some drums lately and i have been delighted.
Oh , like GTR4 him said you can adjust the individual volumes of the pieces of the kit. My unit stays on alll the time so it hasnt been much of a prob 4 me.

Talk to ya more later :)


That issue may have something to do with quantization…

Now, you think I know? But my Allisis < ?? lol… (Give me a break)… HR-16 had a quantize menue bar , that had to be selected for say 1/4 1/8 1/16 1/32 notes, and so-on… If the quantization selections weren’t correct then you missed all kinds of things, in the hats… and all…


Hi Bill !

Thanks for the tip ! I am sure one of us will give that a shot :D


Thanks for trying it on yours Ted. That at least proves mine’s not faulty.

I’m going to keep persevering to see where I get.

TG, I was aware that you could set the volumes on the kit. Annoyingly the Hi-hat defaults to (I think) maximum loudness or somewhere close, which means having to drop the level of every other pad to get the hh’s relative volume up. And then it all goes when you power off. Doh!


And then it all goes when you power off. Doh!

I don’t know jack about this unit, but doesn’t it have some sort of midi sysex dump you can use to set it with ?

If it does have it you can set it up, save the data to a midi file, and then (just before you start your session) open that file, dump the config onto the d55 and then go file -> new and start. That might be easier than going through menu’s all the time.

But if it doesn’t have sysex - :(

my .02


As long as I’ve had this this MIDI Drum/Sequencer Set-up/Bench… I could never feel comfortable working around it… However it was ahead of it’s time when I set it up… Now it’s so dated, that it has no value… I have this project comming up that I need to to to “Open” the MIDI Bench Set-up and see if it will run… I hope the Memory Battries are good and that what was saved in the c-Proms is still there…

If how I remember… the quantization worked this way… for the set-up I have…

If the quantization is set “Right-On”… so-to-speak… Your “Voice Hits” will be right-on… Too machnical… ?? O.K.???? If you set the quantize one step higher you can make/give your “Voice Hits” a “Human Feel”… ?? O.K. Too High… You’ll be outta the Ball Park… ?? Too low… Your “Voice Hits” Can miss the Feel of Doubletts/Tripletts… .etc… You may want your Kick to be right on… but not all the time… You may want your snare to have some Feel… but not all the time… You want your Hats to have some feel… In-and-Out… But not all the time… Then… ya gotta go in and Edit the “Voice Hits” you want…, to give you the feel you want to persent… to the Song Lines… Well… Gotta be creative… That’s what makes a “REAL” drummer’s Feel…, proprietory?? To Me… That’s what makes Real-Players-Real… From a listener’s perspective… It’s what makes you like It-Or-You-Don’t… Well?? Walking and chewing gum is an issue for me… :p :laugh: ???

The wrong quantization in MIDI can get you in a lot of trouble… Just my Idea of .02


Hey Mark,

The manual seems to be a little ambiguous on this point but I think if you install batteries you can unplug the unit AC wise without losing your settings.

As I mentioned earlier mine is always plugged in at home ( I dont use it live ) so it hasnt been a prob 4 me.

Ooooh, I’ve also noticed that if you set the unit to hand percussion it seems to miss far fewer beats on the hi hat and it makes it easier to get a consistant volume off the individual kit pieces when recording.

Good Luck Bud and keep us posted,