Mark Rich

Oil for food

It would appear that Slick Willy pardoned Mr. Rich just in time for Mr. Rich to get involved with the oil for food program.

The plot thickens.

For christ’s sake you lot, let’s get a grip on reality here! :cool:

The Earth is a relatively minor part of the cosmos, and the USA is an even smaller part.

This is an international forum!

We have all sorts here, Eskimos (well, I thought I saw a penguin trotting across my screen :(), Irish (Hi John! lol), Venusians (how you doing Toke? :D), and Klingons, (work it out yourself lol).

Can’t we talk about things that are universal and not just American?

For example; tits.

I have a pair of blue tits visiting my bird table at present. They’re not as pretty as coal tits, but nice to watch nonetheless.


Football. (To the Americans on here, that’s a game where one uses one’s feet to move the ball around, as opposed to “American football” where they use their hands).



Baseball. (Hey, now that the Expos have gone to Washington, doesn’t it make it even harder to call it the “World” series? LOL

Anyway. As I’ve said many, many times, this is not a USA forum.

So, let’s try and keep it intergalactic guys please? :)


I also hear that the US are also currently funding research into developing a new American sport since the NBA all-stars got their butts kicked at the olympics. :D

I thought the oil for food program was an international topic.

I love it - trying to blame Clinton again :laugh: :laugh:

Darn, just can’t stir the pot around here anymore. :D

I thought this was a cooking topic. Vegetable oil, olive oil, sunflower oil…whatever…name your poison…

Oh. It’s another WE versus THEY topic. I’ll go away now…