Market and market TV

It’s pretty fascinating to watch TV anallysis of the market. They’re essentially standing around a dead corpse trying to talk it back to life. Then they try stabbing it with a cattle prod and get all excited at the convulsive reflex. This will continue as the DOW drops below 5000. The disconnect of these people is astonishing. If these same folks were reporting on the sinking of the Titanic, you would proabably think it was suddenly going to start to float again just because they want it to so badly. 'If we all just believe together - that huge gash in the bow will fix itself’
Don’t forget these wall street ‘assholes’ crashed the world economy so they could dirnk $30 thousand bottles of champaign. I hope they all die.
AIG is in the process of funneling your grandchildrens earnings as we speak.
Madoff is just a drop in the bucket scapegoat.