Marriage keeps you healthy, study shows

But married men are more likely to be ov

Married Men.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t :laugh:

Yeah, but divorce is a real fu***r. :(


You sound like you speak from experience :laugh:

Not experienced Mike, just “experiencing” LOL

Married 30yrs come April, have kicked the drinking habit long ago, still smoke and eat way too much, armchair sports nut with ever growing gut, hmmmmm, I Resemble this!

Should I divorce and get healthy?

Would Be super broke and have to pawn or sell 20 guitars.

Nahhhhh, I’d rather be a ‘fat old guitar picker’.

And if you marry someone who shares your passion for microphones and acoustic spaces and is a vegetarian health fanatic to boot, well…nirvana here we come! :)

My goal is to stay married, keep fit & still have lots of vintage guitars & amps! :laugh:


PS - I’m getting my '67 Deluxe Reverb from the shop either today or tomorrow for tomorrow night’s gig (last gig of 2004). I can’t wait!

don’t they say that sex = a 5 mile jog? HMMMMM why are married men OW. Healthy sex an marriage must be rare. Are single men getting laid more…scary in today’s world…I’ll take marriage and safe healthy sex anyday. 24 yrs in DEC.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Quote (cruiser @ Dec. 16 2004,10:45)
don't they say that sex = a 5 mile jog?

Could be for the person doing "the work", and of course, duration is probably a factor. :laugh: 9 yrs. here. :)

Quote (TomS @ Dec. 16 2004,07:44)
And if you marry someone who shares your passion for microphones and acoustic spaces and is a vegetarian health fanatic to boot, well...nirvana here we come! :)

Heh, I done got that. When a girl geeks out over mics and is protective of her special ones, you know you got a keeper. Well, minus the vegetarian part. Animals are just too delicious. She has just gotten me weaned from massive amounts of meat. I used to get a triple 1/4lb cheese burger regularly back in the day (3/4 lb total). Now I am okay with the teeny little cheapo 1/8 lb things. Cheese will be my downfall.

I dunno…before I got married I was 175 lbs, physically fit and healthy as could be. Now, (20 years later…) I’m 240 lbs, EVERYTHING hurts and I need help to climb outta the bed in the mornings. I don’t think its due to marriage though…more like MILEAGE. If I keep up the current pace, I should have died years ago! Any night with more than 5 hours sleep is a luxury…


Everything hurts? This is mileage not marriage and it don’t get any better gtr. When I turned 45 found aches in places I didn’t know I had. Staring at 50 now, knowing I will be in traction soon. Can ya play guitar from wheelchair? And why is the hair on top o my head relocating at such an alarming rate? People ask if I am wearing a rug, yes, but it’s on my back, not my head!

Think braided ear hair will be a new fad?

Yaz - the braided ear hair image is too much - LOL :laugh:

Braided back hair? ??? That’s NASTY!!


Oh well guys, must say it happens to us all eventually, LMAO

Just had thought and image of 50+ dude with ear hair braided around the back side of the head and corn rowed into the back hair! Playing guitar in rock band shirtless LOL.

Wadda YA Think?