Massive increase in cpu usage

upgraded system to 4.0.4 and delta 66

Hi gang,
I just changed from a tascam 428 and V 3. to a delta 66 with omni and 4.0.4. The same songs that were use 35% of my cpu are using 80-90% now. I can only run about 4 to 6 tracks with out red lining. My machine is slighty older P3 running @ around 900, OS is 2000 pro. Does anyone have an idea what in the &$^%* (heck) is going on?

There are some 4.xx defaults that you might want to try disabling to see it helps any. Open N-track without opening a song file and see if any of the following apply:

* Close the spectrum analyzer display (there’s some discussion about this here). Flavio’s still tweaking this thing (see changelog for the latest build, 1789). This seems to be the biggest “offender”.

* Remove the “always on” compressor for all channels. If there are default effects in the Aux channels get rid of 'em (I don’t think it’s a default anymore, though(?)).

* If you’re really going for rock-bottom, you may save a couple of %age points by minimizing the interface to be more 3.3-like, i.e., get rid of the little VU meters next to each track and the “Permanent Mixer Strip”, which also has a VU meter. In my experience, every open window (e.g. the Main Mixer) has an effect on CPU usage.

Eh, well, hope some of that trims the CPU usage down to an acceptable level for you. However, I’ve never gotten all the way down to 3.3 CPU usage for any project, even with these tweaks. The best was probably within about 3-5% or so.



3%-5% is really good!!!

I just downloaded at the latest build and its up too 1790 now. he is really doing a good job!!!