Master Settings

lost the window

A simple thing this should be
to recover my master setting window
alas it is not to be
by searching the user manual
for as hard as I search
and as long as I look
There is no reference to it inside :)

It’s not a big thing but I like having it there so I can see the
instantaneous changes in teh input - call me a geek - I love it,
and now it has disappeared.



the meter or the menu?

I’m missing the meter - which usually is on the right side of my screen, with a litle panel underneath which contains a few sliders, some knobs (2), an graphic display and a couple of vu meters. I don’t know what this is even called but I think it is used to set compression thresholds and curves.

The only way I can recover this is to reinstall n-Track. (I let this lie for a few days because I was able to do that and thought I might learn a little bit while playing with it - but all I did was record tunes …)

I don’t know if I’ve described it well.



It’s poetry, rich!

Settings - preferences - Restore Global settings - then make what changes you want back to how you had it but with the meter window remaining.

Or you can press the F3 key.

First toggle master mixer on with F3
or this way -

Figure 1

Then to restore the 'master properties window’
toggle the the icon here.

Figure 2

Thanks - both these work. I guess I still have a bit of learning ahead…