Mastering final mix


I just finished mixing a few songs and I want to do the final mastering process, but I’m not familiar with this.

can some body gime some basic hints to start doing this.

Specialy in using the multiband compresor and the eq. Thanks for any help.

Juan Ramon. :cool:

Learjeff’s Mastering 101:


Bob Katz on mastering:

From this site, other things of interest there:

Key things - Have several sets of speakers and headphones to listen to, and plenty of Reference material to compare. You will be doing a lot of A/Bing - and stop when your ears are tired!

Before the session starts, listen to all the reference material and note down what parts you like about it. Do you like the way the lower frequencies sit? Etc…

Some sort of stuff goes with tracking and mixing lol.

thanks for the help this information is very usefull.

Juan Ramon.