Mastering Problem

Might be my headphones…but I’m individually mixing songs for a CD. I burned all songs to a CD and played them through my Stereo System.

They all came out muddied with lots of bass; mid-frequencies are muddied and vocals are all pushed back.

What might be my next steps to correct?


can you post an mp3 sample somewhere so we can hear it?

avoid the temptation to mix/master on cans, although use 'em to verify things occasionally.

Here’s my site…take a listen…

Thanks guys

Didn’t you enter this in the contest? Or am I mistaken?

No I’ve heard Road To Forgiveness before. Here.

It’s not your typical squashed over processed mix - maybe that’s you’re hearing - or not hearing.

Nice work!

Mastering and I thought it would be easy!!..It’s a whole other world. Here’s a link to some software to get you going in the right direction that is if you not already in the know.

Here you will find documentation and software although the docs are free the software isn’t,

Here’s a link to some video as well

I hope this helps,


Any way you can post something in an MP3 form? These integrated players don’t let you grab the tune to put on meters. It doesn’t sound terrible… but I am curious to check a few things… like subsonics and other oddities. I have a feeling the bass is ruling your mix… and knowing that is very tough on head phones.

And where di you get that guy singing the bass harmonies? Crazy low voice.

It’s worth pointing out that mastering isn’t special magic that can take a rough mix and turn it into something wonderful.

In other words, you must be as happy as you can be with you mix before you consider mastering and if it sounds like rubbish it will still sound like rubbish after mastering ().

I agree with the others about not mixing on headphones.

If you are playing your mix on (eg) a home stereo and it sounds different, then welcome to the compromise that is mixing. Mixes will sound different on different systems - ipod, home stereo, PC speakers, PA system…

Also, if you a playing back on a PC using software other than n-track be aware that some software plays with the compression and EQ to make songs sound “better”.