Mastication theatre

I’m rolling off my seat…

I just finished listening to Mastication Theatre on the Al Franken Show (a take-off on Masterpiece Theatre on PBS) & I can barely stay in my sit from laughter. In case you’ve never heard it, Franken & co-host do this skit where they’re eating profusely & talking about whatever.

Today, Katherine was a disguised Karen Hughes (in dredlocks) having lunch w/ Bill Clinton. Her objective was to feed him really fatty, bad food & to spy on his activities. Clinton (played by Franken) got it, so Hughes went over to a disguised Cheney (also played by Franken) & they start talking. But then George Soros, also disguised, shows up & spy on them but Cheney blows him away.

Remember they’re doing this stuffing their faces with food & cracking up the whole time.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: