Matthew 11:28

Enter Into His Rest

Decided to post this. Kind-o felt out of the loop lately - been workin’ way too much - got this tune.

It’s an odd duck even for me. Mixed it on my earphones so Lord knows what it sounds like.

Be gentle - I’m old, and sensitive, and insecure, and did I mention old? Oh, and I’m tired.


This is so real to me. There is so much slick crap out there. So many people hustlin for a $. Then you come back and remind me what it’s all about. Thanks for posting this one,

This makes me think of how every year I wait for Christmas to “click”. Like the season gets so full of people honking horns in traffic and bossy jerks in malls and in the begining of Dec. I just don’t even want Christmas to happen some years. I go a few weeks that way, it gets to be Dec. 18th Dec. 19th and somehow, I can never tell when, but some little good thing happens, a good deed or a kind word, and suddenly eveything changes, I feel good about the world, ready to trust people again, remembering what it’s all supposed to be about.

Your tune gave me a “click”

+ That’s fair because I’m listening on earphones.

+ I can’t believe there’s a distorted guitar in the chorus but it works!

Good job friend, thanks

There is 2 Lessons here to be learned. (Actually 3 lessons)

1. Excellent message Tommy. Everyone should take this to heart and into everyday life. :agree:

2. Very good composition and performance. Mixed on headphones shames the rest of us. Clarity and space in the mix. Good job!

3. Getting old isn’t bad, it’s like fine wine aging. Poppa Willis is living proof of this! :)

is your voice on an effect, or is that the mp3 compression? if so, pops, let first me say that your voice is not like mine (duh).
you don’t have to hide it behind effects.
it’s much impactful head on.

the simplicity of the structure really lends itsself to the focus.
no wanking solos or extended interludes to distract attention from where it needs to be (i can’t seem to get that through my own head).

that’s why i love listening to all the other folks’ stuff.
lets me know that there’s still a lot to learn, still many aspects of the craft i neglect, no matter what i think i’ve accomplished.
being humbled is good for the soul and continued creativity.
standing pat and proud is not.

thank you very much for sharing.
time to go tear up the song i was writing and start fresh.
thanks a lot.

(i like the new font on this forum)

Me offering comments is sort of - hubris is the correct word, I think - but…I too would like to hear your voice presented much more naturally in the singing.

For Bruffie’s benefit, I grabbed a Tagalog translation of GMatt 11:28:

28Kayong lahat na napapagal at nabibigatang lubha, pumarito kayo sa akin at bibigyan ko kayo ng kapahingahan.


Thanks guys - 'preciate it - I was just learning my new toys and midi tweaking and it just happened to turn into what it is. The vocal was hastily done - cringe - I cut it wet.

I’ll see what the chances are of getting serious on it are. Ya’ll made my day.

jdet - I take the “jerk” comment in the highest regard. :agree:

‘jerk’ was meant in the highest regard, of course.

Yep. Great tune Poppa… and very timely. I’m worn out! :p

It’s been a busy, busy weekend…



Very timely indeed.

Nice work Poppa. Love the spoken word, great arrangement too.


I’m tempted try this one myself at a “Wednesday Night Church Service” sometime soon, though I’ll have to sing it in a different key. That is, provided I can get comfortable doing the spoken word part of the song, and the author is agreeable.


provided I can get comfortable doing the spoken word part of the song, and the author is agreeable.

That's what I wrote it for Kev.... thanks man. The reason for the spoken word is the fact that I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to second verses. First verses come and the writing is easy - second verses require work. I was praying about it and the Lord reminded me he had written a few "verses", so I used one of His. I'm sure He'd be agreeable too. :agree:
:;): x

Sorry Atheists will never get into that title. :disagree:
You could still make your points with out a religious connection. I’m Assuming that it’s religious by the title alone. Hey, don’t take me wrong, I like religions for the good they seem to do. Charitable, forgiving attitudes, that’s all good.
I don’t listen to religious songs. But songs that reinforce good over evil are always cool, if they aren’t to goopy. Goopy = like molasses, gooey. Sticky, smothering in ideal. Clinging, to much to much, etc. Fanaticism.
So your old, big deal. Are you capable of doing any jumping jacks? How about kiss’n the old lady once in a while? :laugh:

as Shel Silverstein says - "I’m an old dog. But…"
And I’m far from what I’d call religious - never cared for religion, neither did Jesus.


never cared for religion, neither did Jesus.

:) :)

Remix - new naked vocals Rhodes subbed in midi keys.

This is the last you will hear my sorry old singin’ - no more of that turn up the vocal stuff, K? I wouldn’t post this but among friends.

Wow… NICE! That Rhodes sounds fabbo Poppa! Great job! :agree: