MAudio FirewireSolo Problems

N-Track Locking Up

I just recently bought the M-Audio Firewire Solo and am using it with N-Track on my Sony Laptop. Trying to record at 24 bit…but N-Track locks up.

Any ideas?

Quote (rideox4 @ Mar. 07 2005,15:41)
Trying to record at 24 bit.....but N-Track locks up.

Are you getting any error messages with this? You might try some of the other options from the Rec vu hammor, 24 bit left justified worked for me and M-Audio Delta 1010.

Please post your progress, I'm curious to see how the laptop, ntrack and m-audio work together. Everything records eather sterio or mono? No mulit track Record, with the laptop?

Have to truck for now.

thanks for the advice.

no error messages…just locking up.

i will try enabling mono playback. If this fixes it, then what was the problem?

i will also simply try 16 bit recording/playback. If this fixes it what was the problem? The firewire is 24bit?

what does the vumeters have to do with anything locking up? Is it a video memory thing?


Why would you want to enable mono playback, I don’t think that is an option! Open the Record VU Meter and click on the hammer and choose your settings. Then do the same on the playback VU Meter.

I was under the impression that you where familiar with the ntrack setup. Are you new to it? If your new to the setup, then you probably have much more to do! :D Everyone here was new to at one time!

24 bit recording froze up for me the first time I tried it too. Like Tom said, tried 24 bit left justified. See how that goes.

thanks guys. i am somewhat new. for the record, it freezes randomly with no error messages. so, i thought maybe there was a memory problem with playing back stereo tracks versus mono, or something like that. i don’t know. i was really just brainstorming when i wrote that. didn’t have the software in front of me.

i will post my progress early next week regarding the 24 bit left justified.

p.s. anyone have any experience with Sampletank and N-Track? What about Reason 2.5? Any horror stories?


You say you JUST bought the Solo? So, it’s never worked correctly on this laptop? If so, i’d be thinking ‘drivers’… There’s an old saying around here… ‘The 3 things that cause the most trouble with sound card functionality are drivers, drivers, and drivers’.

A visit to the MAudio site is in order to make sure you’re using the latest driver. Also, not all driver installs go well. It’s worth the time to uninstall and reinstall them when you have problems.

Other than that, i think you may be on the right track by visiting the Settings button on the Recording VU meter. Most cards won’t tell you which setting to select, but 24-bit Left Justified seems to be pretty common.

Hope this helps some.


OK. Uploaded new drivers. When I select the M-Audio FW Asio driver, it forces 16 bit recording…no option to change it. Anybody know what this is about? I thought Asio drivers were fine with 24 bit recording? I assume it has nothing to do with the sampling frequency being set at 44.1khz correct? Does it need to be changed to 96kHz to work at 24 bit?

Then I tried the WDM M-Audio FW Solo 1/2 driver and tried all three 24 bit settings and they all locked up.

Last question…am I correct in assuming that N-Track’s buffering settings will override the buffering settings on the M-Audio mixer panel when recording guitar/mic (non digital)?


When using ASIO, n-Tracks buffering settings do nothing. You MUST set ASIO parameters in your soundcards software control application. ASIO should work at any bit depth and sample rate supported by your hardware. You may have already mentioned this but…you do have a 24 bit license for n-Track correct?


i do have the 24 bit license.

ASIO Buffering settings: thanks for that info. i will adjust it at the audio card.

I was reading some threads on here suggesting WDM drivers tend to be favored for recording audio. If that’s the case, I assume if i get that working that N-Track’s buffering settings will be controlling, not the audio card correct?

Yep. WDM drivers do indeed follow n-Tracks settings. ASIO should work. Have you emailed M-Audio and Flavio about it bombing in n-Track? ASIO should give you lower latency if it’s working properly.


ok. here is what i have found.

now…the WDM driver is working on 16 and 24 bit (not using the left justified). i have no idea why it wasn’t working before.

the asio driver, when used, when opening the asio settings, it states Force 16. so for whatever reason it only accepts 16 bit. very strange.

16 bit is working, i don’t need 24 bit…so i guess it’s fine. hopefully it won’t lock up now either.

thanks for your help guys!