MAudio USB Uno

Device doesn’t show up on MIDI In Port

I just downloaded N-Track, and my MIDI device doesn’t show up in the ‘MIDI Input port’. I want to start simple, and get more sophisticated as I learn more. So, the first thing I thought I’d do is record something from my keyboard via my M-Audio Uno MIDI interface. It’s a simple USB 1 in and 1 out interface. It shows up as working fine on the Hardware Manager. However, it doesn’t show up at:
File->Settings->Preferences, MIDI Settings tab, MIDI devices button, ‘MIDI Input port’. By the way, I also have Studio 2003 XP, and it recognizes the MAudio UNO MIDI.

Any ideas? Is N-Track compatible with this device?

My computer has an on-board chip for sound (Realtek AC97). After I play around a little, I’ll probably have to go buy a sound card.


It is compatible, I have used it for a while on and off, never any problems. Unfortunately, and my apologies, I’m not really a midi expert, and I haven’t any advice about the problem your are having. At least you know it should work. :)

I have the MidiSport UNO as well, and it works like a breeze on my system. (Unlike the Edirol UM-1, which didn’t.)

Try disabling onboard midi support in the BIOS. Maybe n-Track gets confused about this.

Just my 2 øre…

regards, Nils

I wish I woz cleverer. I once had n-Track 3.3 working fine with a UNO, it appeared as a midi device for me to select in n; as confirmed by Nils K it can work. In my limited experience it’s the ****ing drivers that need to be sorted out. I vaguely remember something about the order of installation. Driver loaded first, then plug in the device, or maybe it was the other way round… anyway, if you get these little things wrong, you get problems. The best advice is “RTFM” (read the ****ing manual". Sorry I have no magic wand but hey, c’est la vie (I’m learning French right now, exam on Thursday).

I’m sure there’s a solution (or “soluton”! A firm I once worked for printed thousands of adverts, gifts and brochures with the wonderful slogan “50 years of measurement solutons” and no one noticed).

Bon chance

I reloaded the driver, and now it works! Thanks for the suggestion. Now I’m afraid to breath on it, lest it quits for no logical reason. :)

I tried changing the BIOS, but there was no MIDI option in the BIOS. So I looked at the hardware manager, and I tried to deselect MIDI support on the Realtek. If I deselect that, then it gets deselected on all tabs (not just MIDI) - some Realtek programmer took the easy way out!

Anyway, it’s working for now, so no I’m off playing with N-Track.

Thanks for the feedback.