Settings of n-track studio v 4.1.5

I’m a new user of N-Track Studio and I would like to be able to use all recording/playback features of my MAXIO XD EX8000 soundcard. (EGOSYS)

The sound card is not simple to setup with all her features, especially the directwirer that I do not yet understand and n-track Studio seems not to be easier if I want to use all multitrack recording features.

I’m especially interested to be able to make re-recording (Playing one or more tracks and recording one ore tracks on other channels)

Did anyone have some experiences with that kind of settings, especially with this professionnal soundcard

Thanks for your help

Henri ???

well, I don’t know the card, but to record multiple channels:
file->preferences->audio devices
you can select multiple inputs/outputs to be used (under advanced you can adjust the total number available as well as show certain types of audio drivers such as ASIO)

Once you’ve selected your multiple inputs holding shift or control, you need to open up the playback vu meters, and click the select in/outs button. choose which ins/outs you’d like to show in the vu meters and click ok.

then open up the recording vu meter, the little hammer will allow you to turn on/off each stereo pair, or each channel in a stereo pair.

the rest would be up to your soundcard.