Maybe, at least, I Can Get My Keyboard Working

Is there a tutorial around somewhere that will show me how to set up my M-Audio Oxygen II inside n?

Know zilch about keyboard hook ups, midi I presume. You can try the manual and see if any info there.
Or maybe Poppa W or others can come up with some input for ya!

Do you use the Enigma software with it?

Should be a matter of installing the m-audio disk then finding it as a device in n.

You mean assigning the controller knobs and slider?
I believe N can map controller assignments, but I haven’t got there yet.
(I don’t have a keyboard with surface controllers)

Yaz: No Enigma use. At this stage in life, everything’s an enigma anyway :wink: I’m a MIDI dunce. Just bought the keyboard to find out what all my key-playing buddies were yakking about. The Oxygen is a controller that I managed to make work in Fruity Loops – talk about yer enigma! … took a year to get sounds outta that puppy! … but Fruity has easy access & use of a lot of samples, VST plugins and soundfonts. It has a pretty cool feature called Collab – let’s you share projects with other people for collaborative efforts. I’ve never used it because most of the Fruity Loops crowd is Hip Hop, Trance, Industrial (I don’t even know what that stuff is ?!? :wink:

Like CuBase, it is not exactly what I am looking for. CuBase is close but still overkill for me.

My workflow has been pretty goofy – I use Fruity loops to record sampled drum sequences, B3 organ tracks, strings, horns and guitar then export to CuBase for mixing. Way too much work so I was hoping to use n-Track to do everything. Besides, it cuts into my rum drinking -)

7/11: Surface Controllers ?!? No, I just want to play through VST’s inside n-Track. So far, n sees the Oxygen as a source/whatever but doesn’t make the meters move on a MIDI channel input. I am lost when it comes to MIDI (MIDI Dunce) but willing to learn.

You have to activate it under
Settings/Preferences/Midi devices/ midi input port assignments
Just like you have to in Fruity

OK, will give that a try. Thanks.

BTW - also tick ‘Always open’ and ‘Input to Output echo’ AUTO
’cus if I have it on ‘lazy open’ - my keyboard doesn’t work.

OK, tried all that 7/11 but still didn’t get any motion on the meters. Its just a controller, not a synth. Do I have to set up a port? If so, how do I do that?

BTW, after reading about VST compatability, it looks like n is a bit limited … is that the case?

Does it show up in the Midi input devices - something like USB AUDIO DEVICE?
The Oxygen is USB isn’t it? How does it show up in Fruity under midi enable devices?

Yes … MIDI In … Oxygen 61 (USB). Similar in Fruity but there I can load a sample and verify that I have sound. Fruity may be more MIDI-friendly in that there were no ports to set – there is just an ‘Enable MIDI’ button. I haven’t been around n long enough yet to know how load a VSTi or other sound-making plugin.

I have this keyboard. I use it sometimes for controlling volumes in N-Track but as far as using it run a VST synths in N-Track, no I haven’t tried in a while. I didn’t have much luck doing this in n-track years ago so I gave up. You may want to try a VST host chainer/stacker or something like Steinburg V-Stack which runs as a stand alone, then record the output from V-Stack (Wav) to N-Track (Record Wav), this is what I do. This way I can play all my VST synths outside of N-track while using N-Track to record what I play, which is the way it should be IMO.

Hope this helps.


there is just an 'Enable MIDI' button.

You DO have to select it. Mouse click on it til it turns grey. (dark). Also select your output device as well (your card synth) the same way.
If yout want to seclect more that one MIDI input or output device, hold the CTRL key down and select all your inputs/outputs. For example if you use MIDI YOKE or some other virtual input device.
Once you have made your selections exit the menu with OK (rather than clicking upper exit box) to complete the selection.
Then do NEW MIDI TRACK / select your output device in the track menu/ and make sure LIVE is on, and you should hear something if your soundcard volume / midi volume is set high enough.

Thanks 7 :) I’ll give that a try tonight.