Maybe I'm just tired, but things like this bugs me

I love my country, but …


I try to be open and jovial and try to see the good in everything, everyone, but then I open up news24 and go to the South African section, and I really have a hard time not being gatvol.

News24 link

Definition of 'gatvol’

Ah well.
I’ll feel better tommorow again.



It’s something about the human condition that seems to crave knowledge about such things - hence the news is always so negative.

I’m not trying to belittle what I see on that page, however I’m sure many such abhorent acts happen in all places and in all of history. What I find gatvol however is that it’s our hunger for them that provokes the news industry to put them in “print”. Afterall, “Mrs Miggin’s son passes driving test”, or “Scott Chegg learns to swim” just isn’t enough to make it to the news.

To be quite honest I tend to avoid the news a lot nowadays. It is depressing and does nothing for my spirit.

Holiday soon Wihan!



Holiday soon Wihan!

Thanks, Mark - you made me smile !
:) :)

Yeah you are right and I feel a little more cynical today than what I will tommorow, but the sad thing is that the 2 or 3 shootouts and murders are in what used to be looked upon as ‘safe’ neigbourhoods.

But you have a point. I shouldn’t think this is just us.

And I also wonder what compells the human psyche to be attracted to the negative.

I want some good news, damnit.

Is that too much to ask ?


Wihan <-- Starting to feel a little better already.


I want some good news, damnit.

Is that too much to ask ?

Seems that others agree with you: Good News Network.

How cool is that.

I like this one:

News story


Whoa !

How cool is that ?

Mark, as always - you are one very cool guy !

Thanks !



Seems here that there isn’t much in the papers but Bad News. I’m sure that if all the bad news was published the paper would be too heavy to carry around… So, I’m sure the publishers are selecting what bad news goes to print.

If IT ain’t corrupt government… IT’s cabbies getting stabbed for pocket money… And what is seen on the tube is kids getting off by judge’s dicissions of kids joy ridding stolen cars… or perverts hidding in elementry school washrooms…

Whatever happened to the days when IT was uphill walking to school both ways… ??


Quote (woxnerw @ April 03 2006,19:00)
Seems here that there isn't much in the papers but Bad News.

The fact that the bad things make news means that they are less ordinary than good things, in the same manner that "dog bites man" is ordinary and doesn't make news that ofthen but "man bites dog" is extraordinary and makes news.

When good things happening become news, then it's time to worry. Then the bad things are the norm.

Just a thought, an not an original one either.

Good point Mwah