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I want to set up my own website and would like to post the songs that I record on it. What is the easiest and best way to set it up to stream audio instead of downloading it? What format do the files have to be in? Thanks in advance :)

However you set it up, you cannot guarantee that the visitor will stream it rather than downloading, it depends on their setup to an extent.

The most common audio format is .mp3, but you could also use .wma (Windows Media), or .rm (RealAudio). However, .rm is a licensed format so you may get into bother for using it without a licence (not sure how that works to be honest - never used it).

The easiest way to stream an mp3 track is to just give a link to an mp3 file and allow the setup of the visitor’s system to determine whether to stream or download.

Another way would be to give a link to a playlist file (e.g. .m3u for mp3s) rather than the audio file itself. This is a text file that is opened by the user’s audio player software and contains a file/link path for the song (or songs) that is/are to be played.

Also to ensure streaming, you will need to encode at a lower bitrate (probably a maximum of 64bit for mp3), otherwise users of dialup will get frustrated at the constant stop-start of the music. Broadband users won’t have that problem.


Register (free) at Motagator.Net, upload your songs (MP3, WMA or OGG), build your webpage, then tell the world. Visitors can stream and/or download the tracks - you set it up to do what you want.
All the difficult bits are done for you :;):

EDIT - Oh - Hi Bob - of course, you already have :D
Never mind - I’ll leave this post here as an advert for others …

Upload your songs in mp3 format and tell the world to listen! You have the option of making your songs available for download, or just stream only…

why is no one pushing ogg?!.. :)