maybe soundcard setup ???

sound thru speakers but …

from my previous post below I think maybe I have to do something to the soundcard I dont know used this progrsam years ago with the same setup but got a new comp and I lost completly.I have a lead running from the line out of my prac amp to line in on the comp.have set the recording settings in vista to lead in,turned volume right up and can hear the guitar clear as bells thru the speakers. in Ntrack thou the recording vu meter dosent move.I have tried changing things around in ntrack but as computers arnt my fortay I realise Im wasting my time.any suggestions will be meet with great thanks.
Cheers up

You’ll get a better, clearer response by keeping all your posts in the same thread or folks just get confused. I’ve replied in your other thread. Suggest we let this one die.

there is a button on the meter to turn it on/off…make sure the button is green,not red,