maybe you can help...

I wrote Flavio about all of this a few days ago, but haven’t heard back from him. So maybe you guys can help me out a little.

First my computer specs

AMD Barton 2500+ chip (1.83 Ghz)

1024 MB DDR PC3200 Ram (2x512MB)

C: Drive = 2x35 GB 10,000 RPM Raptor Drives in a Raid 0 config

D: Drive = 80 GB 7,200 RPM 8 MB buffer Western Digital

MSI Geforce FX5900 128 MB Video Card

Echo Layla 24/96 Soundcard-the only PCI card enable in the computer. ASIO/WDM compatible, up to 16 inputs and outputs simultaneously.

LaCie 60 GB Firewire drive

N-track- newest version newest build
1)Imported 10 tracks of 44.1KHZ 16-bit audio into N-track for drums from my sequencer program. Began recording, but each subsequent track was “late” in respect to the original drum tracks. I’ve heard disabling “keep audio devices open” in the preferences can help alleviate this, but using ASIO REQUIRES that it be checked-at least with the Layla.

I’m currently running about 21 tracks

2)Having strange dropout issues. At multiples of 45 seconds (45, 1:30,…) I get a dropout. Changing Buffer sizes, and even switching from ASIO to WDM doesn’t affect it, still there. I can even do an offline mixdown and it’ll show up. EVEN if I mute all but one track and have “read muted tracks data” UNCHECKED. Still there…

3)I’ve tried freezing everything in an effort to get around problems #1 and 2, but when I do so, often my frozen tracks are having some problems. most noticeable is the sound of a guitar track that is suffering from dropouts-the wierd part about it is that the original guitar track is near the end of the song, but is appearing in the beginning of the song in an unrelated track after freezing the unrelated track. ie, freeze track one- the guitar part from track 17 appears choppy and in the background of track one

I’m using a “group” for those guitars so maybe the group is what is causing the problem.

4)Often when I’m trying to record tracks (usually if I have a decent track count already) I will press record, and n-track will immediately stop. sometimes placing an Empty wave file there, and sometimes it has a little info, and sometimes it simply leaves the track completely empty. Again Buffering settings don’t seem to affect it too much, and cranking the buffers results in an error about having too many buffers.

5)if you add an aux channel, the mixer doesn’t update this until you restart n-track. same with removing it. the aux channel itself will show up, but the sends on each track will not until restarted.

that’s all I can remember right now. obviously some of these flavio will have to address, but if you guys have any advice, I’d love to hear it. I missed a song contest deadline because I couldn’t record from these problems…


6)effects automation doesn’t seem to work-I can’t say sweep a frequency on an eq plugin over time. also the envelopes for effects automation are an on/off right angle between 2 points compared to the slope you get with normal envelopes in the program.

guess not… :(