Mbox2 with ntrack

crackles and pops

I have used ntrack for years with my computer sound card and had good results. Just recently updated to an Mbox2 for better quality, but I am having crackle and pop issues. My system is new and I am using windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a tool to check how your system can handle audio and video streaming. All green means it should work. If not you may have to do a system optimization to hopefully find the issue.

Just a note: Run the tool for a few minutes, if you see any red spikes this means you have a device causing lag in your system, This will cause pops, clicks and drop outs. you can start by disabling devices one at time till you see all green. Wireless lan or lan connections are typical starting points as these are sometimes the sole source of the issues.

It’s a device latency checker called “DPC Latency Checker” found here:


and from the Line 6 forum is video showing how to optimize your system for audio recording, although it’s done in vista many of the same functions are present in WIN 7. I had problems with the same issues as you and this helped me. Here’s the link: