anyone use mbox or mbox2 for home recording? Was told it’s preferable to a mixer or other preamp.

I had a chance to check it out for a couple of days a few weeks ago. The preamps in it sounded quite good to me, it has very good functionality for monitoring, and you can use it as a dongle for the PT M-powered if you want that sort of thing. But why did someone say that it is preferrable to a mixer or preamp? It has two good preamps, but clearly there are many many others out there that are “better” in whatever sense of the word you like, it performs some of the functions of a full console, the others are done by your software…was thsi comment made by a salesperson? :)

yes, a salesperson. But they also sell other mixers, preamps, etc. It looked like a pretty good home recording solution, for just a guitar and vocal, but probably not for a band, where i’ve learned you need 10 or more inputs.

That’s right, that’s a major target for the product (although I dunno if you need 10 or more - I use 8, which seems enough for basic tracking, then do overdubs - and think about how many recordings have been made onto 1 or 2 tracks… :) ). Anyway, the salesperson doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Guitar center or the like?

Again, the other reason for the m-box, and one that has boosted sales hugely, is the pro tools m-powered thing.

yeh, he is a salesperson with sweetwater.

so you think the mbox2 would be a good home recording investment, for a singer-guitarplayer, plugging into a laptop via USB2.0? (though it wouldnt work for the band)


Huh - the sweetwater folks I’ve worked with have been on the ball. :)

In answer to your question, my impression is that it is a very good unit and would serve that purpose admirably. Functionality is ultimately a personal thing, and you will have to decide if it has what you need, but I thought it was a very good product.

thx Tom.