mda multiband compressor crash

use it on more than one track … kaboom

Anyone use the mda multiband compressor plugin?

Works fine for me if I only insert it on one track, but if I insert it into another track N crashes. Anyone else seen this.

I’m using the latest build of 4.01 (1703)

Maybe it’s a problem with the mda plugin rather than N. Anyone know of another free multiband compressor out there I could try?


Hey Safari,

I am guessing you are right. I just tried it on Nuendo and anything more than 3 instances crashed the system…


Try here. Sounds pretty good and ya’ can’t beat the price.


If you get the C3multiband as TG suggests, be sure to read the text file that accompanies the dll. The C3multiband requires another dll file,msvcr71.dll, not present on all windows operating systems.

Oops! Good catch WT. I had to go dig that file up off an old machine to make it work with my new DAW box. I’ve slept once or twice then…memory…fading…what were we talking about?


Since you are giving advise about C3 plugin, here is mine:

look when you download it that you have a SSE custom version of this plugin. Best performance than the generic one.

Thanks everyone. c3 works just fine.