Me and Poppa

PW and I have been working on something the past few weeks, and I’m finally ready to put the thing to bed. Gotta ship it off to Austria for consideration for a “relaxation CD”. This didn’t seem too far from the examples they gave, so we’ll see what happens. (If you enjoy watching the Weather Channel, you’ll love this.) :whistle:

Bossa Nueve

oooo, bossa #9 is classy.

today’s forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of carnival. high of 34.

if rio got the olympics (2016?) that would be kind of neat.

all right, i don’t know anything else about brazil. did have an exchange student at our school one year from sao paolo, though. she was nice.

Turned out nice Kevin - you did all the work on this one buddy! It’s growing on me.

We ought to rename it Partly Cloudy. :laugh:
Next = Mostly Sunny, Clear and Dry, Warm and Windy (oops been done)…

Oh…that’s so cool and laid back guys! Great touch on the strings as usual Kevin, I could definitely relax to this :) :agree:

By the way…it’s too short. Would just be nodding off when it finished :) Gimme around five and a half minutes :agree:


By the's too short. Would just be nodding off when it finished :) Gimme around five and a half minutes :agree:

I just knew we shoulda brought Yaz in on this - he's the NapKing!

Good job guys! :agree:

Listening right now.

Just one nitpick tho, you may want to . . .

to . . .


:laugh: :agree:

Nice! :agree:

That is boss, man.


I like the overall acoustic - which verb did you use? Works well on the drums.

I have two reverbs that I actually paid money for, so I tend to use them a lot. Mixing this down, I had Wave Arts Masterverb, Audio Damage’s Adverb, and Flavio’s new multi-tap delay each on an effects bus. On the drums, if I remember correctly, I used mostly the Masterverb with a touch of delay. The “lead” acoustic guitar was the only one I used Adverb on, though I used the other two on it panned fairly wide, just trying to get it to stand out without bringing the level up. The main problem we ran into with this project was dealing with finger noise on the acoustic tracks. After mixing and equalizing in Har-bal, I use Voxengo Soniformer to tighten it up a bit, then Sir to add a little sparkle. I’m sure I can’t approach what Bubba could do to master it, but I think I’m getting pretty good results.

I’d agree. :agree:

Nice, nice, very nice. Great sounds on the guitars. First time I listened I was on the Wii so playback thru TV. That sounded really good too!


Dang, I never thought to test my mixes through the Wii and the TV…


Does sound a nice even mix. Pro job! :agree: