Me Footy Songs On iTunes At Last!

Shine On Sheffield Wednesday by Craig Veitch now on iTunes… :)

I just wish I could do more of these. Some of the fans were a bit strange and didn’t want to support their team by buying this, hopefully they are a minority.

They played it again as the team did the lap of honour at the last match of the season. Cool :agree:

Shameless plug. Just…shameless :D


Just got mine!

On my iTunes list you’re between Shine by the Newsboys and Shooting Star by Bad Company. :agree:

Hey thanks for that Tommy. MUCH appreciated :agree:

I’ll have to install iTunes but I’ll be there soon. That was actually pretty quick wasn’t it?

Yeah they gave me a projected ‘go live’ date of the 24th, so we’re two weeks ahead.

I went on your recommendation to tunecore… :agree: