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Problem: I want to archive a song with several tracks but don’t want to include all the reject takes and tracks I’ve not used in the final mix but are still in the folder which contains all the files.

Solution: I would like to have a media management tool where I highlight the sng file or the mixdown file, then in the tool bar choose a selection called “select media relatives.” Then in the bin or window containing all the files used in this recording, all the related files would be highlighted…and could be dragged to a bin for off-loading to disk. Also, a selection tool called “select non-relatives” would select all files not related to the song or mixdown, and could be deleted quickly. I’m sure we all have a wish list, however, for me, this would simplify sorting through all the files to see if they should be saved or deleted…and despite a labeling process I have still deleted tracks I needed to save !

disclaimer: i haven’t tried this

maybe you could save the project as a packed song file, which will contain all of the used tracks… move that song file to a safe location… then delete all of the files within the directory… then just unpack the song file back into that directory…

in fact, let us know if that works! :D


The Move/Rename Song feature might be close (it’s on the file menu). There’s on option in there to copy the song. It will copy on the files used by the song into another folder, and it can also rename the wave files in the process if you want. The new folder will not have any of the unused wave files in it. I suppose Move without copy would leave just the unused files in the previous folder.

We crossed in the posting, Isaac. :)

I like you suggestion about using the packed song (no compression). That how I move songs from one machine to another.

Thanks for these great suggestions. erick