Melodyne Contest

From EQ Magazine

Melodyne contest.

Tweet? BAH!


yer welcome

Hope you win Pops. :agree:


Nah, I don’t tweet either. Works for Sarah Palin. I’m no Sarah Palin.

bunch of lamers - why is da oldman the only one tweetin’?

Or am I only one reading EQ magazine while listening to Dread Zeppelin? Huh?

What a bunch of tards! You heard me…

These forums are all the “socialist networking” I can stand.


I’m preparing the house for the inundation of relatives that commences tomorrow.

Found a cure for that. Have someone catch the flu!

leprosy good enuf?

Took the 13 (almost 14) year old to the doc today… Yep. Type B “seasonal flu”. D@#N IT!! Wife took the flu shot, I didn’t… Doc prescribed me some voo-doo magic pills. Taste like guano. (Don’t ask…) :laugh:

Soooo… depending on how “Influenza-boy” and his side-kick “Guano Man” does… we may be stuck at home all by our lonesomes for Christmas.


PS Thank God it wasn’t Swine Flu! :agree:

I had my shots!
Flu, whiskey, buck and 3-point!

Hope you don’t get sick and the young’n gets better quickly, UJ.

you fergetted “slap” Tom - really disappointed in you.