Memphis pilgrimage


Gonna make the biannual pilgrimage to Memphis at the end of Feb - going morning of Friday the 23rd, back Sunday morning the 25th. Short conference. Gonna go once again to Sun, just to hear the room. Wonder if there’s a way to get an impulse?

Restaurant recommendations from Memphis-savvy n-Trackers are welcome. :D

Used to be a place on Beale called Blues City Cafe. Ever so good. Frankly, I was surprised at how good most of the food along Beale was. You’d kinda think “touristy crap” and the real food was hidden, but it wasn’t all bad. There used to be a little Russian Tea Room about 5 or 6 blocks north of Beale just off the river that was great too. Closed in mid-afternoon so get there early.

Just don’t order biscuits and gravy in Memphis. Usually it’s straight brown gravy and not the good sausage and milk kind I’m used to.

All of this is subject to change, since it’s been at least 10 years since I was there last. Boy we had fun that weekend though…

Well, the place on Beale st. where they serve the “voodoo chicken” is on the schedule - the place where they guy is always in front playing trumpet. What’s the name of that? Can’t remember.

And there’s this steak place - the chop house? The chopping block? Don’t quite remember that one either, but when we were there a few years back they serve a slab of red meat that melted like chocolate in your mouth. I suspect that’s on the schedule as well. :)

I really want to get an impulse from Sun. How could I do that unobtrusively? ??? Would that count as theft?

Hi TomS:
If one of you guys could take a Notepad/Portable computer and a mic of some kind you could burst a balloon and record the Impulse at say 24 bit res. … then you got it… Do it a couple or three times to get the best one… There’s a few analyzers out there now… in fact MusicSoftwareWeekly just posted one on Friday… I have no idea how they work, but it would be interesting to play with it…

Don’t forget your camera…


I have a laptop with an echo indigo card, mics and such, but the problem is that they probably wouldn’t want me to go in there and do the impulse.

Wonder if I could do it with a cellphone? :)


Seriously, I’m not going to try to “steal” the room sound, but it sure would be cool to have such an impulse.

Tom, not to sound like a jerk here, but Sun is a studio. It’s been years since I’ve been there but the discussions I had with them then convinced me that they’re rational folks. Talk to them before you go down there. See if you can pay for an hour or a partial hour at some weird time and record the impulse on the legit. You’ll likely get some private time with one of the AE’s who can tell you where in the room is the best place to get your impulse, will help you record it with good gear, and give you a disc of the data when you walk out.

Again, I don’t know them folks from Adam. But treat 'em like the pros they are, and act like the pro you are, and you’re likely to go far. It can’t hurt to ask…

Quite rational thinking there, clava. You are absolutely correct, it can’t hurt to ask, and after all, these are music folks we’re talking about!

Hey! You haven’t addressed the critical question yet Tom!

Is biannual, twice a year, or once every two years? :D

Once every two years, Ali. :)