Menu bar - Edit


How about the options here?

Edit – ALT+E
Undo – CTRL+Z
Redo – CTRL+Y
Volume/Pan drawing - what is this for?
Draw pan
Draw volume
More evolutions when moving parts
Fade in
Fade out
Remove selected nodes
Flatten track - what is this?
Fade Settings
Markers - why use these
Place marker – CTRL+SHIFT+M
Add marker here – CTRL+M
Next marker – CTRL+SHIFT+ - >
Previous marker – CTRL+SHIFT+< -
Manage markers
Snap to markers
Grid - what is this
Snap to grid
Grid properties
Enter Selection - what is this for?
Snap to 0 – CTRL+B - huh? snap to what?
Editing Mode which one and what kind of editing
Destructive wave editing
Non-destructive editing
Cut – CTRL+X
Copy – CTRL+C
Paste – CTRL+V
Insert – CTRL+I
Apply track effects/envelopes – CTRL+A - this sounds
important - when and where is it used?
Normalize - what for/why?
Scan song for Clipping - that sounds good!
Silence Selection - why/when?
Put volume to 0
Silence destructively
Non destructive
Splice - splice what - verses to choruses?
Splice at the start of the selection
Splice in N parts
Merge parts
Trim - I need some - but trim what?
Song Comments - why
Song Information - what is this for?


No one is going to explain all those for you when they are already in the manual/help file if you want to look them up.

In any case I can’t see hw this approach will help you. Its a bit like going through a Haynes manual in order to learn to drive your car.

Get stuck in, record something, record something else, mixdown. When you hit a brick wall and need to now how to do something, ask us how. Its the best way to learn this stuff, particularly as you are both newbie to recording and newbie to N track.