Menu bar - File


So, similar to basics for recording (compression, reverb, cloning, mult tracks, etc.) what are the most useful menu options. I would like to create a mini help file - no BS - simple to read - self-explanatory - first up File - a list and some questions for the not so obvious options - I tried to underline the letters for the ALT+ shortcuts - didn’t work:

File – ALT+F

New – ALT+F+O
Import Wave File – Ctrl+1
Save – CTRL+S
Save As
What’s the preferred file type?
Save as Packed Song File
When do you want to do this?
Move/Rename Song
Mixdown Song – CTRL+R
Export Midi File
Import Midi File
Convert .wav File
Change to Sampling Frequency
To .mp3 - When and why?
To .wma
To Ogg Vorbis - what the #### is that?
Preferences – CTRL+P
Recorded Settings tab
Sampling Frequencies – what do I want?
Audio Devices – do I need to do anything here?
Buffering – very high, normal, or extra low?
Options tab
program priority – normal ok?
mixing – auto volume decrease or Dithering?
Appearance Tab
vu meter settings, volume ranges –any changes?
Midi Settings - leave alone
Paths - leave alone?
Settings (cont.)
Buffering Settings - see above
MTC / MIDI Clock Sync
Punch In Settings
MIDI Faders / Control Setup
Audio Devices - see above
64 Bit Mixing


I’m not quite sure what you’ve asking.

Many/most of the options are self-explanatory, are explained in the manual, or are meaningless until the function behind them is understood.

In my experience (as Manager of a professional software development team), “how to” style help is much more useful than a list of what all the menu options do. A good example is Bubba’s midi tutorial over in the other part of the forum. Other examples might be “how do record a track?”, “how do I insert an effect?”, “how do I mix down my song to MP3?”.


To Ogg Vorbis - what the #### is that?

It’s a compression format. Try typing “ogg vorbis” into google.


I know some of them are self-explanatory but they all are not - hence my questions - I don’t need to know what copy and paste mean - but what is pan drawing for? Why flatten track? Snap to 0 - what is that? Enter selection - huh?

What does “Apply track effects/envelopes” mean? Why wouldn’t they be applied when I selected them from a list? What is an envelope?

I don’t think they are self-explanatory - and I’m sure all new users feel the same way.

Downloaded and read the manual yet? Menu items are discussed starting on page 51. If you don’t know what some of the basic functions are for, you need to Google up some websites on basic digital audio editing. Come back and ask here too though, right now I just don’t have a lot of time to go into detailed answers. (At work… ^%$ day job…)


PS Don’t forget the BEST method of learning this stuff… download one of the demo songs and fool around with it. Save two copies and keep one untouched in case you really screw the pooch! :D

that’s cool - thanks!