Merry Pranksters

These times we got more information about drugs than back then. They are the same drugs, carrying the same risks, but now there is information about it.

I was living in Baja California around 85-86. Right in the border, so I got to know the southern part of CA. I was a kid but my memories tend to focus on the nature side. That’s what I enjoy the most on books like Kool-Aid and Dharma Buns. The images of sequoia trees and lakes on mountains.

Please don’t tell me all that doesn’t exist anymore.

Nice thread,

I know nothing about the west coast scene of the 60’s, nor even anything about it today, but, we had our own wee thing going in the UK too. :D

London was the centre of course; Notting Hill Gate and Ladbroke Grove were the “acid” centres with bands like Hawkwind and Pink Floyd; authors like Micheal Moorcock and those other Sci-Fi acidniks.

King’s Road was the home of the Sloane Ranger type, "Only the Finest champagne and the very best Cocaine Dahling!"

Carnaby Street area soon became very touristy, but was still fun. Nearby Soho and its pubs and clubs like the Marquee, where you’d find people like Eric Clapton, the Stones, and others too many to mention hanging about.

So yeah, London wasn’t as famous as the California thing, but, it was quite fun. :D

And, oh yeah, I do remember most of it! :laugh:


Sounds good.

James Taylor actually got his start in the area you describe in London. That’s how he met the Beatles & recorded his first album.

Yesterday I read somewhere that Furthur (the Merry Pranksters bus, but not the original) went to UK in the nineties. For a “Magical Mystery Tour”.

There were pictures. Going to find that link.

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Kidding about what? I was assuming that you were kidding ???

Now, who is kidding whom?

I'm confused... :D

Here it is:

Furthur on UK

James Taylor actually got his start in the area you describe in London. That's how he met the Beatles & recorded his first album.

Lot's of people did Mike. Two of the members of AMERICA met in a club called Process I used to hang around in.

But, it was all so village-like looking back on it now Mike.

London must have had a population of around 10 million at the time, but even so, you met the same people at work as you did when partying.

I remember sitting on one of the flat studio roofs at BBC Television Centre in Shepherds Bush (which is where all the heads went for a smoke during a break in recording), and being handed a joint by a make-up girl, which I then passed on to Marc Bolan, and a few days later being at a party in Bayswater and seeing Marc sharing a joint with the wife of the Portuguese ambassador and Tina Broccoli (Cubby's daughter).

I never met the Beatles though.

In fact, I never even saw them perform. Shame that; it would've been a nice story for when I sit in my armchair and start off; "Well, when I was a lad..........." LOL

The bus, and two locally hired passenger vans, will carry the Pranksters and guests -- an entourage of 46 people -- from London to the town of Penzance on the tip of Cornwall where the Pranksters will view -- along with an expected 4.5 million people -- the last solar eclipse of the millenium.

During the eclipse, scheduled for 11:11 a.m. on August 11, the Pranksters will perform a pegeant titled "The Knights of the Not So Round Table" at the Minack Theatre outside of Penzance. According to Kesey, its scriptor, the pageant will "summon the spirit of the ancient wizzard Merlin" who, according to legend, is expected to make an appearance before the millenium.

I remember that #### eclipse, I drove down to Devon, never saw a #### thing, the sky was completely covered in clouds. :(

And, if Merlin is gonna appear before the millennium, ain't he a wee bit late? :D

As they should scare ANY reasonable person. Drugs, excessive alcohol consumption etc... ANYTHING that alters ones ability to THINK CLEARLY is SCARY!

Very true TG.



There's the story of the geezer who goes to the Doctor:

"Doc, I want to live a hundred years!"

"No problem" says the Doctor, "Just give up booze, drugs, cigarettes and sex".

"And if I do that Doctor, will my life be a hundred years long?"

"Probably not", says the Doc, "But it'll bloody well feel like it".

Ali. :p
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"Probably not", says the Doc, "But it'll bloody well feel like it".

Ali. :p

:D :D :D :D


Funny stuff, Ali.:smiley: