some demos

hi guys, never actually put a song up for the forum, so here it goes, where a metal band from mexico, and i think every song we recorded is been done in n-track, anywys if you like the songs or the mix or something, let me know.

[[[[ PCN ]]]]

ps. if you like the song you can download the whole album first album plus some covers and live stuff [here].


Nicely done, Daldo. Tell us about the recording. Nice zombie photo, too.

thanks tom, there is really not much to it just some mics to the drums, a little eq to the bass drum and pretty much thats it for the drums, as for the guitars and bass they were recorded direct with a digitech rp2000 or the pod xt live, (the ones with the pod xtlive sound much better to me)
and the vocals have been also direct with a digitech vocal 300. i try to keep everything from the procesors as it comes out, just a little noise gate to all tracks and a little compresor and limiter in the master to get that really loud sound at the end

oh yeah, zombies rule!!

I agree, record good sounds going in.

What mics for the drums? How were they set up?

mics for the drum some nady drum mic for the toms and snare, pointing towrds the edge, and a shure beta 91 for the bass drum right in the middle, and yeah i do think is better to record nice sounding instruments so you only have to tweak a little to your own taste… i have also found out that if the drums sound good, in tune and all that, i just brings life to the whole recording.

Yep - amateurish drum sounds (like mine, for example) make the whole thing sound amateurish. I wish I could call it “low-fi”!

Anyway, your stuff sound great, Daldo.

haha, actually i’ve hear your recordings tom, and they sound really nice to my ears, i’m currently recording a 2nd album for the band, and its sounding really sweet, so when we finish, ill post some new stuff here.