Meter Scale

Curious behaviour


I’m using build '82.

When I opt to display the meters horizontally, rather than displaying the meters horizontally, it turns the mixer’s faders into pots. While I’ve got pots to adjust levels, I can have the program display the scale in terms of dB (it can display “normal scale”)…It’ll display 0dB, -12, -24, et cetera.

But if I have faders instead of pots and I want to view normal scale, no dB values are displayed…it only displays little white notches.

Is this a bug or a feature?


It looks like a feature to me. There are several different display options to change just the Aux channels to the pots or the whole mixer.
I think the title is a bit misleading as the faders don’t really go horizontal, but the track adjustments change to pots instead of sliders.
You can use Right-Click > Layout option to select the layout
The “Horizontal meters and pots” is the way n_Track displayed in earlier versions. Sliders for tracks and pots for Aux.
The “Horizontal Stripes” turns on pots for all the tracks and Aux channel. I’m thinking this might safe some screen space - for instance if you are using the volume envelope to make changes instead of using the faders. Also, under the pot volume setting is displayed as a clickable number that you can enter - left click on the number (volume level) and you can enter the setting you want. Unfortunately, the pan dis not have the clickable number (in fact no number is displayed) but the setting can be set Left - Center - Right using a right click on the pan slider. In the vertical display both the pan and volume now have clickable number adjustment, a Great feature.

I reckon it’s probably a bug that the dB numbers aren’t displayed in the “vertical fader” view mode, eh?

Well, at least an oversight.

The latest version, build 2483, fixes the display problem with Horizontal Meters. Really looks nice and seems to work well. Of course, in both vertical and horizontal view you can now type in the setting you want for pan or volume.